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KIEV. March 12. UNN. Coronavirus infection is not transmitted through food, said the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Ukrainian experts are of the same opinion, reports UNN.

“There is currently no evidence that food is a likely source or transmission of the virus,” EFSA said recently.

Myths that a coronavirus can be infected by eating, for example, a banana, are also debunked by Ukrainian experts.

“Well, what kind of food? Nonsense.

There is a defeat of the upper respiratory tract. There is a spread of airborne droplets. What is the most important thing that impresses? Pneumonia. Well, there may be some exotic cases where the pathogen was caught in a store-bought fat that is eaten by a person, but it is 0.0001%, “said the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases named after PL Shupyk Alexander Duda.

There is no danger in the washed and thermally treated products, confirms the head of the National Expert Group on Infectious Control Andrey Alexandrin.

“This (coronavirus – ed.) Is an acute respiratory disease that cannot be kept in the environment for long. And it is quite easily affected by the sun – our natural ultraviolet, temperature. So if we thoroughly wash our products and treat them thermally – there is no risk there is no getting sick because of the food. The most important thing here is to monitor hand hygiene, “the doctor says.

It is better to choose hermetically packed food, recommends infectious disease doctor and immunologist Alexander Karlovsky.

“When it comes to store food, hermetically sealed products minimize the risk. But wipes should be wiped away. When it comes to cereals, it’s better to buy them packaged. This is not so much because the coronavirus is a basic safety precaution: minimal people were contacted. Everything was packed at the factory. And the one sold by the weight, a bunch of people pass by it every day. It’s less hygienic, “he says.

The opinion of the colleagues is shared by the infectious infectious child Vitaliy Yevtushenko. Although the probable cause of the outbreak is called Chinese food, it must be understood that it was still very specific.

“Yes, the outbreak started with food, but it was specific there, not the one used in our diet. And maybe not the good heat treatment was the food.

The virus is not persistent, it dies during heat treatment. I have not seen any reports that the virus has transmitted through food. It is a contact within the apartment, at home, in medical establishments, where there are crowds of people and direct contact with a sick person.

Food is not part of the transmission chain. And to prevent any infections, it’s not just about coronaviruses – if you buy something, then you need to thermally process that food. If it is meat, eggs or some food. But I emphasize – it’s not so much about coronavirus, but just general recommendations not to get sick, “he noted.

Doctors recall the following symptoms of a coronavirus:

– undead
– conjunctivitis
– weakness
– fever
– chest pain, pulmonary insufficiency.

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