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Check out the most common symptoms of the new coronavirus (Photo: Crescer)

Check out the most common symptoms of the new coronavirus (Photo: Crescer)

Since the new coronavirus emerged in China, a good part of the suspected cases in the world were discarded, including in Brazil, because of other infections, like the flu. But is it possible to differentiate between diseases?

According to infectious disease specialist Lívio Dias, from Maternidade Pro Matre Paulista (SP), the symptoms caused by respiratory viruses, in general, are similar.

The main signs of the new coronavirus, Covid-19, are fever, cough, fatigue and difficulty breathing. It is clear that a person with the flu can present the same picture, so the history of where that person was in the last 15 days before the symptoms appear is also relevant.

The final conclusion comes through tests that rule out flu and other illnesses and a specific exam for the coronavirus, available on public and private networks. It detects the infectious agent by its genetic load, from samples of the airways or phlegm.

But not everyone with signs of respiratory illnesses needs to do this type of exam. Only those who meet the criteria of a suspected case should perform it after consulting a doctor. Especially because, in many cases, the treatment of the coronavirus and the flu are practically the same.

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