Corona virus also hits culture hard


The Klagenfurt Festival planned for May is in the balance, even the anniversary celebrations for “Carinthija” 2020 are on hold. Events across the country are canceled or postponed indefinitely. Financial losses seem inevitable. As chairwoman of IG Kikk, Alina Zeichen represents 65 free cultural initiatives in Carinthia. “The big question is first and foremost, what do we do with the loss of revenue, how does the financing continue to work. What do we do about liquidity problems? Sometimes there are premises where there are fixed rental agreements. There are personnel costs that must continue to be paid even if the game is not played or exhibited ”.

All divisions affected

Signs say that all divisions are affected equally. The Stadttheater Klagenfurt gave its last performance on Tuesday. Here, too, the corona virus means losses in ticket revenue – for every performance that is not played, it is around 20,000 euros. “The consequences for the house are of course not nice, when that is over we have to see how we can compensate for the financial losses. However, it is very bad for freelance artists who do not get paid their fees if they do not perform, ”says Stadttheater director Florian Scholz

But it has also become quiet in the concert hall. No music, no rehearsals, no students – 17 events were canceled, a lot was postponed. And 700 concert hall chairs will remain empty for the time being. “It’s a strange atmosphere. We are now getting used to it and see what we can do for the house now until the events can take place again, ”says concert house manager Peter Töplitzer:

Losses cannot yet be estimated

How high the financial losses will be in the entire cultural sector cannot be estimated at this time. It is unclear whether and how things will continue after April 3 if the event restrictions of the federal government are to end.

IG Kikk is already calling for the state and federal government to put together a financial package of measures to cushion the situation. “Many artists and cultural workers are currently living in precarious situations, regardless of the corona virus. These must not be further reinforced by a ban on events, ”says Alina Zeichen.

Cultural department tries to find solutions

The country’s cultural department emphasizes that efforts are made to find unbureaucratic solutions, and talks between the state and the federal government are underway, says head Igor Pucker. “We already have numerous inquiries from the cultural sector, and of course the guideline also applies here that you should not be put in a worse position if you cancel the sponsorship. We are working on it. ”The motto is: hope and persevere that cultural life will pick up speed again in early April.


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