Coronavirus: Van der Bellen appeals to cohesion


Van der Bellen spoke of a “serious situation”: the coronavirus crisis affects everyone. “And it cuts deeply into our everyday lives. And we can all do something. Specifically. By taking seriously what the Federal Government and the experts recommend. By taking care of ourselves. And others. ”

It is about slowing the spread of the virus. “Because when the hospitals are overloaded because too many are ill at the same time, our most vulnerable are at risk, said Van der Bellen. Hence the request of the Federal President:” Reduce your social contacts to the bare minimum. This is the only way we can slow the spread of the virus . ”Van der Bellen also appealed to the population to follow the hygiene advice.

Van der Bellen is reminiscent of hygiene advice

“Please make sure that you wash your hands. And try not to touch your face. Let the handshake temporarily. I haven’t been doing this for a long time, ”the Federal President emphasized the advice again. “Wave to each other as a greeting or come up with something else. I do it like this (bows, note). Yes, it can even be a little bit of fun. “

Federal President appeals to the population

In a speech, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen addressed the population and described the situation in Austria as serious. But he was confident. The head of state appealed to cohesion and urged people to comply with the measures announced by the government.

Van der Bellen also recalled all the worries that dominated everyday life with the corona virus. “Who looks at my child when there are no classes? What can I do to make parents, grandma and grandpa feel good? How is my business and my job going? How do I make ends meet? ”

People have the property of quickly adapting to “sudden changes”, the head of state continues. “This quality will help us now and hopefully lead us out of this crisis in the shortest possible way. But it will be a big challenge for all of us. For all of us.”

“I am confident”

“We have to go through this situation together now. And the more we help each other now, the better we work together now, the faster we will master this situation together, “said Van der Bellen:” I am confident that we can do what we have already achieved together in our country. So, please take care of yourself. And together we look at our Austria. “

Corona virus protection graphic

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The head of state praised both the government, which acts calmly, prudently and appropriately, and the opposition, which is now holding together. And “a big thank you” said the Federal President to all people in the medical and nursing professions, the emergency services as well as the affected workers and the economy.

“Thanks to everyone who is now in home quarantine, to everyone who is now reducing their family contacts. And thanks to the people in the Paznaun Valley and St. Anton. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You are doing the right thing. Thank you to you, ladies and gentlemen, who live in Austria, thank you for helping, ”said the Federal President.


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