Covid-19: There are another 31 people suffering from Covid-19 in Tyrol


TYROL. Today, March 13, 2020, the State of Tyrol reported 31 further Covid-19 / corona diseases.

31 new diseases in Tyrol

In the course of yesterday’s late evening and today, Friday morning, a further 31 corona diseases became known in Tyrol
xx of the newly reported diseases could be related to previously known Covid 19 cases as follows:

  • 7 people: A connection with St. Anton cannot be excluded
  • 2 people: A connection with Ischgl cannot be excluded
  • 7 people in Innsbruck: A connection with a person suffering from coronavirus in a student residence in Innsbruck cannot be excluded

At least twelve people come from the Innsbruck and Innsbruck Land area
Two people tested positive in the Schwaz district.

The contact persons are currently being tracked for all positive results – they will be contacted and informed about the further course of action.

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