crisis meetings in anticipation


At the announcement, Thursday evening, by the President of the Republic, of the closure of nurseries, schools, colleges, high schools and universities in the country from Monday, Charles Dayot, mayor of Mont-de-Marsan, just out of his speech at the last public meeting of the municipal campaign, had trouble assimilating the news. Questions immediately arose to organize themselves in the best possible way to help parents who could not get to their place of work.

” We have a crisis meeting this Friday morning on schools ”, he slipped, trying to take the measure of this new situation. Also on Friday, employees of the Greater Montreal area will organize themselves in each area to make an inventory to ensure continuity of services. The central kitchens, for example, will have to continue the preparation of meals for the Ehpad, but also for the elderly kept at home.

Home help and hydrotherapy

“We will have to find solutions very quickly, this is an unprecedented crisis situation”

For Elisabeth Bonjean, also after his last public meeting on Friday evening, the first reflex was to make a phone call to the director of services to organize this Friday a crisis meeting. “We are going to bring together human resources, but we are also awaiting more precise information from the state services. Closing everything from Monday, schools, nurseries, leisure centers, it seems complicated to set up. It has been announced that daycare services will be available for people who cannot afford to babysit, but with what staff? I notably immediately looked into the case of home helpers, who work with the elderly and who are mostly women. We will have to find solutions very quickly, this is an unprecedented crisis situation, and as mayor, we must manage the continuity of public service as well as possible. “Elisabeth Bonjean also stressed the financial impact that these measures will have:” The economic impact in Dax will be particularly significant, especially with the thermal activity which will be heavily impacted. ”

The mayor of Dax explained Friday evening put his personal campaign on hold, leaving his running mates to remain mobilized in the hours to come: “I am the mayor of Dax, and this will be my priority these next days. “


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