demonstrations not prohibited but Castaner invites to “postpone” them


Through Le Figaro with AFP

Protests are not prohibited, but the government invites them to “report“Systematically, said Christophe Castaner Friday, after the decision to lower the size limit of gatherings in France from 1000 to 100 people, for”brake»The progression of the coronavirus.

We do not ban mobilizations because we would certainly be tried in a democracy“Declared the Minister of the Interior during a visit to the police station of the 15th arrondissement of Paris. However, Christophe Castaner “invites the organizers to systematically postpone the demonstrations

Mobilizations and rallies in the street are not prohibited because it should not be suggested that in the name of a health reason, the political debate would be closed but at the same time, I invite each and everyone, and the prefects will systematically do when there are declarations, to postpone these mobilizations“Detailed the Minister of the Interior.

Edouard Philippe announced Friday that the government lowered the size limit for gatherings in France to 100, instead of 1000 previously, for “brake»The progression of the coronavirus.


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