“A drug could be on the market before the vaccine”


Scientists at Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Utrecht say they have discovered an antibody to the coronavirus. The information is reported by the Dutch university newspaper, Erasmus Magazine.

Frank Grosveld, a professor of cell biology and one of the study’s authors, said the antibody would make it easier to detect and help fight Covid-19. It will still have to be tested on humans, a step that could take a few months.

“We are now trying to contact a pharmaceutical company to work with us to mass produce a drug that would take up the antibody. It is the first antibody we know to block infection. And there is a good chance it will become a marketed drug. It could thus stop a patient’s infection and increase their chances of recovery, “said Frank Grosveld in an article posted on BioRxiv, a site where scientists can share the results of their research before it is peer reviewed.


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