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Coronavirus: the epidemic that worries the planet

CRI D’ALARME – On LCI, emergency physicians Gérald Kierzek and Patrick Pelloux, as well as Jérôme Marty, president of the French Union for Free Medicine, are alerting to the current situation related to coronavirus. They especially ask the French to “call the 15th only in case of severe symptoms.”

“It is time to send a certain number of messages to the population”. On the LCI stage, three health professionals have raised a cry of alert to the French people about the coronavirus. Emergency physicians Gérald Kierzek and Patrick Pelloux, and the president of the French Union for Free Medicine, Jérôme Marty, called in particular on French people who do not show serious symptoms of the disease “not to call 15 anymore”.

Call 15 only if you have severe symptoms

According to the three health professionals, the calls to the Samu are reaching saturation. “A wave is happening and we don’t want” the Italian situation to repeat itself in France, warns Gérald Kierzek. “You should not call the Samu for cold or flu symptoms, as long as there are no breathing difficulties. This is essential, because the Samu is drowning in calls.”

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Do not call the Samu to have screening tests

Second message: “It is useless to call the Samu to have screening tests”, informs Patrick Pelloux. “Systematic screening of anyone with a cold is not possible,” said the emergency doctor at Samu. “There are areas where we no longer have a reagent product for performing screenings. In some places, there are no longer even sticks for samples. These screens should be reserved for caregivers.”

In case of mild symptoms, contact your doctor by phone

Third alert point: the role of city medicine. “If you just have a cold or flu syndrome, get in touch with your doctor,” advises Patrick Pelloux on LCI. “Until now, symptomatic people have been going to the hospital,” said Jérôme Marty. “It is now the liberal doctors who will defend, take charge of a maximum of cases to allow the hospital to focus on the most serious cases. For everything that does not fall under an urgent consultation, we ask to patients of contact their doctor by phone and stay home as much as possible. “

Encourage health professionals to protect themselves with masks

Health professionals also ask their colleagues to protect themselves. “We know that this pathology affects a certain number of caregivers. It is out of the question to imagine that a large number of doctors or nurses left the health establishments because they are sick”, explains the president of the French Union for Free Medicine. “They absolutely have to protect themselves because we need them.”

Mobilize all emergency services and working beds to discharge the intensive care units

Gérald Kierzek asked for his part to “prepare the hospitals”. “Hospital management must empty the resuscitation, prepare beds and increase their capacities at all costs,” announces the LCI health consultant. “It is therefore necessary to mobilize all hospital resources.”

Respect barrier gestures

Finally, the three doctors recalled that the coronavirus “has no age or territorial limit, there are more and more young people in intensive care”. “The virus circulates everywhere, so we must respect the barrier measures,” recalls Gérald Kierzek. “Do not shake hands, do not kiss each other, stay a meter away and wash your hands: these measures concern everyone. These are responsible gestures, for oneself and for others.”

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