The precautions Silvina Luna takes for the coronavirus: “I have to take care of myself a little more than the rest because I am immunosuppressed”


“Ten years ago I had surgery, in which an irresponsible doctor put a product inside me that my body rejects. Soon the oral trial comes out. I hope that justice will be done, not only for me, but for many girls who are suffering the same. Even worse, with a kidney transplant. I did not get to that, but yes I have kidney failure for which I have to take care twice or a little more than the rest. Due to insufficiency and being immunosuppressed by corticosteroids “, He began to report his release on the surgery he performed Hannibal Lotocki in 2011 and its many complications.

After a year as a panelist in Incorrect (America), Moria Casan’s program, and visibly affected by the situation affecting the country in relation to the virus, Silvina related with super explanatory videos how she complies with the indications published by the World Health Organization.

I tell them about the precautions I am going to take: I got two chinstraps. This is called N95 and this is the common one, which comes out 120 pesos. The other 280. Supposedly having the smallest pores could use it more, while the other has a single use. I have not used it yet, but I am finishing the yoga instructor, where I am going to share with 10 or 15 people, and I plan to use it. In addition to washing my hands and being a meter away. I’m going to use it while I’m with people, “he said.

He also noted: “I also bought disinfectant wipes for surfaces, such as the doorknob. I try to set up meetings via video call. Yesterday I spoke like this with several doctors. I have to take blood every two weeks and my doctor sends me the orders at home. So I go to the Italian Hospital, which is excellent and I attend there. The other day a girl came to draw blood, with a certain protocol. “

On the other hand, she referred to the course to get everything she needs to be protected. “I had a hard time getting gel alcohol. I have it on the doorstep when people come, like my brother who is about to arrive. I think the good thing about this is that it puts us all in solidarity. It involves the entire world population, “he added.

And before saying goodbye, he shared a positive thought. “Whatever happens we are learning to change hygiene habits, which one did not take into account. I was quite irresponsible in my day to day in my habits. And you always have to be positive thinking that the more prevention we put in, the faster it will happen. ”


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