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Coronavirus rapid testCoronavirus rapid test

The new development will help fight the epidemic: Biomedomics, an American company, announced the completion of the successful development of a rapid test for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection. The result is issued in a matter of minutes. It is reported on Saturday, March 13, the Israeli site Ynet.

According to the manufacturer, many countries have already begun to use these test kits, which give no less accurate results than

analyzes in a licensed laboratory. The new test has not yet received a license from the US Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA), which is a condition for its use in Israel.

The test is based on the principles of serology, that is, the detection of antibodies to the virus in the blood that appear during infection. Antibodies are agents of the immune system. They attach to the virus and signal white blood cells to the presence of a foreign element that must be destroyed before they even invade cells and multiply.

A small amount of blood is taken from a vein and a few drops are introduced into the device.

Within 15 minutes, the system gives an answer if there are signs of infection.

If not, appears single strip.

If the virus is present, appear two strips in the distance one from the other. They indicate the appearance of antibodies to coronavirus type IgM.

If the strips are located close to each other, this means that a person became infected long ago, a few weeks ago, but we are not talking about an active infection.

Three strips – This is a sharply positive reaction, it appears with an active or repeated infection.

The action diagram is shown in this figure (from right to left).

 Results Outline (Hebrew) Results Outline (Hebrew)

According to the company, the routine use of new tests has already begun in China, Japan, South Korea, Italy and other European countries. An FDA license that has the most stringent permitting criteria has not yet been obtained. This means that the test in Israel will not be applied at present, because the Ministry of Health is guided by FDA licenses.

This is not the first attempt to create a quick analysis test for mass use. Earlier, Roche announced the receipt of an FDA license for a new device capable of producing 4,128 tests for coronavirus per day. This device has already arrived in several European countries after its licensing by European regulators.

According to Biomedics, the speed of the test is 10 times higher than that of existing test systems based on a polymerase chain reaction with subsequent comparison of the genetic material of the sample with the genome of the virus. Theoretically, using 10 such test kits, you can conduct more than a million examinations per month.

 So do the tests in Israel now: a sample of mucus from the nose. Photo: shutterstock So do the tests in Israel now: a sample of mucus from the nose. Photo: shutterstock

In Israel, the number of tests for coronavirus remains limited: they are carried out only in 4 laboratories, which are close to collapse due to overload and are able to carry out no more than 500 tests per day. The Israeli Ministry of Health reported that by next week it intends to bring this number to 2 thousand.

Now the analysis is based on a sample of mucus from the nose. Using special laboratory equipment, the genetic material of the coronavirus is detected in the sample.

Here’s how to do a coronavirus test in Israel: step by step

It all starts with the fact that an ambulance paramedic in full protective gear arrives at a person with suspected infection.

The suspect is taken a smear of mucus from the nose with a cotton swab (as in the photo above). Then this cotton swab is placed in a test tube and delivered to the laboratory.

In the laboratory, special equipment is used to carry out RT PCR, a real-time polymerase chain reaction. During this procedure, copies of genetic material are made from a sample – in the amount of a billion copies. After that, the light emitted by them is examined.

If its parameters coincide with the radiation parameters of the coronavirus, the analysis result is positive. This means that the person who took the sample is infected.

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