Thomayer Hospital will test for coronavirus: You will pay extra for preventive donation


There will be another place in Prague where people can come and get tested for coronavirus COVID-19. A special tent was added in front of the entrance to the Thomayer Hospital in Krč from Saturday. From Monday, March 16 at 7:00, people will be sampled. Those who will be sent by a doctor will not pay anything, others will charge around 2700 crowns.

From Monday, Na Bulovce Hospital will probably be relieved. People suspected of having a coronavirus infection will also be able to come to the hospital in Krc: “The infectious ward is small; The first days we expect to be demanding due to the onslaught of people. We expect it will be at least tens of people“Said Thomayer Hospital spokesman Petr Sulek.

Free and for hundreds of crowns

The tent is ready in front of the main entrance and the entrance to the hospital on the right side on arrival. Deployed here are cones connected by tape, which will direct any queue. “With the tent in place, people do not come into contact with other patients or hospital staff“Said Sulek.

Samples will be taken not only from people who have referrals from their GPs, but also from people who come to be tested for prevention. But they will have to pay for the test. “We do not have an exact price list yet, but it can be assumed that the price will be at the same level as in other hospitals, ie around 2700 or 2900 crowns“Said the spokesman. Anyone who comes to the hospital will receive a phone contact from the hospital’s infection department after sampling. He then calls here for the results of his test.

The number of patients infected with coronavirus has risen to 189 in the Czech Republic. This is the highest daily increase since 1 March, when the first confirmed cases of infection occurred. The number of infected people in the Olomouc Region increased significantly, where the doctor of the Emergency Department of the University Hospital in Olomouc had a positive test. The hospital in Břeclav also has an infected doctor. The most infected are in Prague, 61 people.


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