you should know this if you want to travel


You should know this if you are traveling and if you want to travel

March 13, 2020 The corona virus that emerged in China early this year is leading to a series of travel advice and measures to prevent the spread of the virus. What does that mean for you as a traveler?

Measures and travel restrictions

A variety of measures have been taken to prevent contact with and spread of the coronavirus:

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Your rights as a traveler

What are your rights in case of emergencies before and during organized trips. View the information and frequently asked questions.

Government information and travel advice

The national government has the public information number 0800 – 1351 opened where people can go with questions about the coronavirus.

Are you going abroad and do you want to know for which countries negative travel advice has been issued? Here you will find links to the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BuZa) and the National Coordination Center for Travelers Advice.

Rebooking at the ANWB Travel Companies

Here you will find information about the measures that have been and are being taken by the ANWB travel companies ‘FOX Verre Reizen’, ‘Pharos Reizen’, ‘ANWB Ledenreizen’, ‘ANWB camping trips’ and ‘Travelhome’.

Information on destinations by travel company

ANWB Travel and / or Cancellation Insurance

What does the corona virus mean for your ANWB Travel and / or Cancellation Insurance? How about canceling your trip, the cost of a longer stay at your holiday destination and compensation for days not taken?

Outings and tickets ‘Land van ANWB’

What should you do if the coronavirus prevents you from going to an outing or show or if you prefer not to go?

About the virus

The coronavirus is caused by the 2019 nCoV virus and the World Health Organization (WHO) has named it COVID-19. The WHO has identified the outbreak of the new coronavirus as an international public health threat. The virus is given ‘PHEIC status’ by the UN organization. That is the English abbreviation for International Emergency in Public Health. WHO can make recommendations to combat the crisis and Member States are expected to act on them.

If you have any other questions about the corona virus, ask them our experts.


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