Coronavirus: 197 new cases in Belgium, including 137 in Flanders


This Sunday, March 15, the FPS Public Health communicated via its website the number of coronavirus cases detected in Belgium.

It indicates that 197 samples tested positive for Covid-19. 137 patients live in Flanders, 28 in Wallonia and 27 in Brussels. We have no information regarding the place of residence of the last 5 people.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the total number of infections in Belgium now stands at 886. Of these, 163 people are hospitalized and 33 on respiratory assistance.

The SPF expects the increase in the number of contaminations to continue further in the coming days. “We remind you that it is very important to stay at home as soon as you are sick (fever, cough, respiratory problems, …) and to contact your doctor directly. We also advise you to follow the published recommendations on the site, so that everyone can help slow the progression of the epidemic and protect sensitive people, “said the SPF in its press release.

“The people who test positive now were exposed to the virus a fortnight ago,” said inter-federal spokesperson Steven Van Gucht during a joint press conference with the FPS Public Health and the Crisis Center on Sunday. in Leuven. “The impact of the measures taken on Thursday evening will only be felt in about ten days. But everyone must stick to it, it is important enough to be stressed once again. Crossing the border for shopping, going to restaurants or having a drink is really not a good idea. “

Even without symptoms, “an infected person can infect two to three people who, in turn, can spread the virus to two or three others. The chain of transmission is therefore exponential and leads to further hospitalizations and deaths. We can avoid that while sticking to the directives “of the government, continued Mr. Van Gucht, stressing once again the responsibility of each.

The call center of the Crisis Center, which mobilizes 50 people, has received 14,000 calls since the launch of the federal phase on Thursday, including 4,500 just for Saturday, said Interior Minister Pieter De Crem on Sunday.

A hundred interventions also took place on Saturday to put an end to small-scale activities and in particular to cancel, before its start, a rave party organized in a wood in the province of Luxembourg, said the minister.

Editor’s note

The official figures that we relay every day, following the communication from the FPS Health, are not an exact reflection of the situation of the spread of the coronavirus in Belgium. Because, initially, only people suffering from and returning from a risk area were screened. And because now, only the most critical cases, which are hospitalized, are tested at Covid-19. It is obvious that the coronavirus is much more present in Belgium than what the SPF figures describe. However, as this is the only official inventory with a situation that evolves day by day, we consider it important to continue relaying this information, which must however be put into perspective.


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