Coronavirus drama: Mathilda (6) has cancer – therapy only possible in the USA


In New York, cancer therapy is waiting for Mathilda (6) from near Limburg. Now the coronavirus threatens the success of the treatment.

Limburg-Weilburg – “The purest catastrophe,” Rebecca Schmidt calls the entry stop announced by US President Donald Trump this week. Her daughter Mathilda has been vaccinated in a New York clinic since Christmas, with the aim of finally defeating the cancer in her body. Last year, the entire region had gathered for the little girl to make expensive treatment in Spain and the United States possible. “And now a virus is coming and may destroy everything we and all the people in the region have fought for,” says Rebecca Schmidt.

Mathilda’s treatment follows a strict and precisely timed schedule – the six-year-old must have received the next injection at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York by May 5 at the latest. Otherwise, it is taken from the clinical study, in which cancer vaccination has so far only been available. “If the 30-day entry stop remains, we are certain,” Mathilda’s mother calculates. If it stays that way. The Hintermeilingen family fears: “Once a country has imposed a ban, it is easy to extend it.”

Sending the vaccination to Germany will not work. Each dose of vaccine is mixed at the New York Clinic pharmacy on the day of treatment when the treating doctor has confirmed that Mathilda is vaccinated. The preparation takes about two hours, after which the tip must be administered within 20 minutes. Mathilda’s mother has been in contact with the hospital about Corona for weeks. From there it says: Children who are currently being treated will continue to be treated. Children who are then on site. For hours, Rebecca Schmidt has been researching the Internet for the past two days, sending e-mails and trying to make calls. The authorities are overworked, nobody knows. what happens after the 30 day suspension or if there are exceptions. Everyone is saying something else. The Schmidts asked if the “prescription” for the vaccine could be sent to the clinic in Barcelona, ​​which is also involved in the study, if necessary. There was still no answer from there.

“We are completely in the air and have no solution yet,” Mathilda’s mother describes her current situation. “Perhaps we are now making a drama unnecessarily and in the end everything will work out. Even if we hope so, of course, we cannot just wait and trust.”

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