one of the two cases tested is negative!


We mentioned in a previous edition the death of two elderly people, this Friday, at CHR Mons-Hainaut. Analyzes had to be performed to determine whether or not these deaths were caused by the coronavirus.

One of the two deceased was an octogenarian, hospitalized on Friday. A resident of the Warelles home in Quévy, she was feverish. As a precaution, she had been taken care of by an ambulance. But it was not enough. She died a few hours after her transfer. A other senior also died in the same hospital.

The lady from Quévy, who was feared to have been a victim of the coronavirus, was not ultimately not carrier of the disease. “Our resident hospitalized on Friday and unfortunately died, was screened. The result is negative ”, moderates the director of the home, Valérie Longuet.

The director of the home reacts.

► Feverish residents, others taken to hospital, … The situation at home is catastrophic

Important measures were taken within this nursing home.


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