Salzburg state clinics set up a central hospital for coronavirus patients


        All virus patients are to be treated in a building on the site of the Salzburg State Hospital. The exhibition center could serve as an emergency hospital for less serious cases.        </p><div>
        <p>The number of known coronavirus diseases has more than doubled over the weekend. In the early Sunday evening there were 56 cases. The hospitals are ensuring that the virus will continue to spread by leaps and bounds. The Salzburger Landesklinken (SALK) were given sovereignty. "We have the right of access to all hospitals," said spokesman Wolfgang Fürweger. That also applies to private houses.

All Covid 19 patients from the federal state are to be treated at the area of ​​the LKH. House D is converted into a central clinic. Doctors should move from other hospitals or be distributed among each other as needed. Nursing staff from decommissioned rehabilitation facilities should help out. With thousands of patients to be feared, the considerations “went so far that we set up an emergency hospital in the exhibition center for minor cases,” said Fürweger.

Richard Greil has been commissioned with the medical coordination. The primary of III. Medicine of the Salzburg University Hospital and head of the internal SALK crisis team had given top priority in the past few days: no coronavirus infections among the hospital staff. The bad news on Friday evening: The test with an anesthetist was positive. His partner, who works as a nurse in neonatology, where new or premature babies are treated, is also infected.

Other diseases are to be feared. More than 100 people in contact with the doctor are in quarantine – 33 doctors, 53 nurses, 18 patients, three paramedics and a pilot. “The most dangerous place is the hospital,” said Greil. Nevertheless: “We can continue to operate fully without restrictions.” If there is an increasing need for doctors and nurses in the coming days due to the increasing number of cases – the number of infected people has more than doubled over the weekend – if medical necessity is required, personnel must also adequately receive quarantine before the end of a 14-day quarantine Protection equipment will come to the hospital, said Greil on Sunday.

The anesthetist was in contact with six patients in the intensive care unit, all of whom were transferred to a Covid 19 patient unit. All other patients who were in contact with the doctor were also transferred. The staff will only look after you in protective equipment. At neonatology there were contacts with four children, including a 600 gram premature baby. However, Greil does not assume that there has been an infection. Psychological support was offered to the parents.

The infected doctor was on a skiing holiday in Ischgl until last Saturday. The day after his return, he did an emergency medical service in the rescue helicopter. He was in the hospital for three days until Friday, where he also attended the large morning meetings – then it became known that all people who had recently been in the Paznaun Valley should go to quarantine for 14 days. The man had no fear of legal consequences, since he then reported, it is said.

The affected rooms in the state hospital were disinfected, said Michael Haybäck, the head of the crisis team of the city of Salzburg. “Everything is open again.” The parking garage in Rudolf-Biebl-Strasse was closed for security reasons. “Exponential growth is still going on, so further measures are necessary,” said Christian Stöckl, Deputy Governor of the State Department. “There may be other emergency response organizations involved.” The country has now prepared quarantine accommodation in all districts. There is space for more than 1,800 people in the boarding schools of the agricultural technical schools and in the state vocational school homes.

The federal government also announced further drastic measures. An “exit restriction” should ensure that as many people as possible stay at home. There are three exceptions: career paths that cannot be postponed, necessary errands and assistance for other people.

Governor Wilfried Haslauer said: “Fourthly, it is particularly important to me that there is still the possibility to go for a walk or to practice sports outdoors. But only in the company of people with whom you live.” For him, “it is inconceivable that we can lock people up in the apartment, so to speak”, outdoor exercise is healthy.

The police should monitor compliance with the measures during patrol duty. Penalties of up to € 2180 can be imposed for violations, and € 3600 for violations of entry bans such as playgrounds and sports fields.

The Salzburg police had to deploy to Wals-Siezenheim on Sunday morning. “That was supportive for the health authority and awareness raising,” said spokesman Hans Wolfgruber. For the police, normal operations continue. He hoped for the common sense of the citizens, but pointed out that there was the possibility to intervene with “coercive measures”. Whereby arrests would be “the last resort”, says Wolfgruber.

The press conference to check:

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