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Since Saturday evening and the announcement of the transition to phase 3 in France, we were waiting to know more about the measures adapted for Overseas facing the epidemic of coronavirus. Annick Girardin has just announced them.

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                          We had to wait almost 24 hours after the speech by Edouard Philippe announcing the transition to phase 3 in France in the face of the Coronavirus epidemic, to learn more about the specific decisions taken for the Overseas Territories.<p>A video conference took place this Sunday, March 15 between the Minister of Overseas Annick Girardin, currently in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, the Directorate General of Overseas, the Prime Minister's Office and all of the overseas prefects .<br/>

Same measurements as in France

The measures announced on Saturday by Edouard Philippe for France will apply well in the overseas territories. In her speech, the Overseas Minister announced that this decision applies in the overseas departments and regions (Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Réunion, Mayotte), in Saint-Martin-Saint Barthélémy and in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, but it does not mention the Pacific territories (New Caledonia, Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna). Here is the detail of these measures:

Public places not essential to the life of the country will be closed until further notice.

All residents are asked to limit their trips to what is strictly necessary.

► Contrary to what was decided at first, schools will close well in several territories so far little or not affected by coronavirus : thus, schools will be closed tomorrow at Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Martin or even to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

Annick Girardin’s speech

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My dear compatriots,

As you know, France has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. The President of the Republic took strong measures on Thursday which were completed last night by the Prime Minister.

We must do everything to stop the spread of this virus. And for that, it is first a question of being united by respecting barrier gestures. These gestures are essential, they are simple, let’s respect them.

I insist on this point, I appeal to your citizenship. I know it’s hard to give up certain habits, but it’s essential. Our overseas territories have not been spared by this pandemic, which has added to the dengue epidemic for some.

Also, after having gathered this afternoon the prefects of DROM, Saint Barthélémy, Saint Martin, and Saint Pierre and Miquelon, I decided, in agreement with the Prime Minister, that the measures he announced yesterday would all apply as of tonight in these territories.

Thus, places receiving public not essential to the life of the country will be closed until further notice. All the essential services for the life of our fellow citizens will remain open but I ask you, as far as possible to limit your trips to what is strictly necessary.

I have a thought for all the children, who will stay with them tomorrow. I remind you that these are not holidays and that in connection with the rectorate, the school heads and the teachers will organize educational continuity.

I know the effort required of you, I appreciate the sacrifices. But it seems to us that the best way to curb the epidemic is to keep a certain distance between each of us.

The Prime Minister was clear, what we must do at the moment is simply to avoid gathering as much as possible, to limit friendly and family gatherings, to use public transport only to go to the work and only if physical presence at work is essential, to leave your home only to do your essential shopping and to do some exercise.

I also ask you to pay special attention to the frail and especially to our elders. You have to protect them.

I ask businesses and administrations to massively develop teleworking to allow as many people as possible to stay at home, starting Monday.

I asked the prefects, in connection with the Health Agencies and elected officials of the territories, to take all the useful initiatives to adapt these measures to the realities of our territories and to put in place the complementary measures useful for your daily life.

My dear compatriots, the implication of all for the strict observance of these measures will limit the spread of the virus and the development of the epidemic.

– Speech byAnnick Girardin



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