Can your smartphone destroy (corona) viruses?


The top models from smartphone manufacturers can kill just about anything except viruses. While there was already a model on the market in 2015 that did exactly that. For the time being, you’d better disinfect your phone yourself.

Most people now regularly wash their hands and do their best to touch their faces as little as possible.


But chances are that you already have your phone in your hands again a few minutes after washing your hands. And now let the smooth, hard surface of your mobile be a great breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other unwanted guests.

In 2011, 16% of all phones even revealed bacteria feces to sit. The corona virus is known to survive on hard surfaces for a long time.

Manufacturers therefore advise to disinfect your phone regularly in order to reduce the chance of the corona virus spreading further. But it could be much easier: with an antimicrobial layer on the screen of your smartphone. That technology just exists, writes the American tech magazine Wired. In 2015 it was already on an android phone, the ZTE Axon.

Much less bacteria

The antimicrobial layer usually consists of ionic silver or titanium dioxide. Bacteria and viruses are often not resistant to the released ions from these materials, which are often used in medical instruments. There is an antimicrobial version of the well-known Gorilla Glass, which according to the company reduced the amount of bacteria by 99.9%.

But that is under ideal laboratory conditions. Practical tests showed that under practical circumstances – normal daily telephone use by consumers – quite a few microbes survived.

So, even if the latest iPhone or Galaxy comes with a virus-removing coating soon, it’s probably a good idea to disinfect your phone regularly.

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