#Coronavirus: Did the Simpsons predict Tom Hanks contagion?


#Coronavirus: Did the Simpsons predict Tom Hanks contagion?

The actor made a cameo appearance in The Simpsons: The Movie in 2007.


The legend of The Simpson and its power to predict the future continues to grow. And this time he does it on account of coronavirus and Tom Hanks.

The actor recently announced that both he and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the disease And, as a result of the news, some fans began to launch a theory on social networks:
Simpson has already predicted his quarantine.

The Simpsons and the coronavirus? Look at the chapter that predicted the epidemic

Hanks made a cameo in The Simpsons: The Movie in 2007, appearing in an ad promoting the New Grand Canyon.

In advertising, Hanks jokes that “the United States government has lost its credibility, so it is borrowing some of mine.”

Later it appears during the final credits of the film. “I am Tom Hanks asking that if you see me in person, please leave me alone.”

Tom Hanks and his wife are hospitalized for coronavirus

While the timing is not a prediction of exactly what has happened to the actor, fans have seen a parallel between his request in The Simpsons and his current quarantine status. “The
Simpsons have done it again, they predicted that Tom Hanks would have coronaviruses. Why is nobody talking about this? Asked a user on Twitter, attaching the frame of the tape.

“Oh, wow, Tom Hanks put up the ad in the Simpsons movie that they wipe Springfield off the map,” said a somewhat more alarming tweet.

“Did the Simpsons predict that the coronavirus would quarantine Tom Hanks in two different episodes? That
series has predicted so many things! “added another fan.

“I need to see The Simpsons to see if Tom Hanks will survive the coronavirus,” said one netizen.

Another user questioned the techniques of fiction writers. “They use witchcraft to write it,” he said.

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