Coronavirus: in Santiago del Estero they isolate a town to prevent contagion


Selva is a town located south of the province of Santiago del Estero. Head of the Rivadavia department, it is located on the edge of National Route 34, on the border with the province of Santa Fe. It has approximately 4,000 inhabitants who, these days, will not be able to leave their homes. This was ordered by the Governor of the province, Gerardo Zamora, and communicated it on Saturday, March 14 at 8:30 p.m. through his social networks.

“We have just declared the entire town of Selva in quarantine, which has been closed to the entry and exit of people and prohibited any type of activity with permanence in the homes of its inhabitants,” he said from his Twitter account. The images that circulate show this: the city is fenced and with police custody.

The measure was ordered after a young man (Danilo Hilner, 27 years old) He said that he had a close relationship with a woman from Córdoba (who had traveled to Spain and did not comply with the isolation protocol) who had coronavirus detected..

Given the situation, the Selva authorities decided to quarantine the entire town. The Emergency Committee announced it at a Press Conference that was broadcast via Facebook. In addition, the Governor of Santiago del Estero confirmed the information from his Twitter account.

“So far there are some 52 people in quarantine at home, having arrived from a country affected by the virus, and the family with which he lives. There have been some delays by the provincial police along with the health personnel who apply the protocol and a person (a native of Buenos Aires) is detained for having violated his isolation (Article 205 of the Penal Code) and at the disposal of the justice“Zamora said and maintained that, although none of these people show symptoms, they will be required to serve preventive isolation for two weeks.

But that was not all: the Governor of Santiago del Estero decided to reinforce the measure and quarantine the entire town of Selva. “It is only possible to prevent the circulation of the virus, if we comply with prevention measures that are being spread by all means”he indicated.

Facundo Nervo is 42 years old and for eleven he has been the director of the Selva District Hospital. In dialogue with Infobae, the surgeon explained that the 27-year-old had a nasopharyngeal swab, whose samples were sent to the Malbrán Institute. “If the results are positive, it will be necessary to do the study to the people who were in contact with him,” he explains to this medium.

According to Nervo, so far, citizens accepted the isolation without problems. “Although the hospital is open, we are going to ask you to only go for emergencies. Shifts for routine control or analysis will be rescheduled, “he says.

Mariela Zurvera lives in Selva and, since Saturday, has been locked in her house. “This is a small town, we all know each other here,” he tells Infobae. About quarantine, the woman maintains that there are many neighbors who are angry because they consider that the young man of 27 managed irresponsibly and continued to live his life normally.

Although he does not want to anticipate, Zurvera suspects that, if the result is positive, it will be worse. “Yesterday it was chaos. In addition to anger, some were very afraid of what could happen ”, Explain.

For the moment, the town remains fenced, without people on the street and surrounded by a cordon of troops, who arrived from the capital of Santiago del Estero to provide reinforcements.


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