Germany confirmed Trump’s Covid-19 vaccine is offering money to the German company for the concession right


It has been suggested that US President Donald Trump has offered a large amount of money to attract the US to the US-based CureVac vaccine against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19).

In the news, Welt am Sonntag newspaper is based on German government sources, Trump alleged that Trump attempted to persuade CureVac, who works with the German Ministry of Health’s affiliate Paul Ehrlich Institute, to produce vaccine and biomedical medication for virus treatment, to persuade the country to receive a specific vaccine. It was.

It was argued that Trump, who was claimed to offer huge amounts of money to German scientists working on the virus vaccine, wanted the exclusive rights of the vaccine that CureVac would develop to remain in the US monopoly.

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, a German health ministry official confirmed the news, saying that Germany is preparing to offer the eyebrow for the company to remain.

Ministry allegedly engaged in dialogue with CureVac

According to the news, there is a contention between Germany and the United States, it is claimed that the German government is trying to provide financial incentives for CureVac not to leave the country.

In the news, an official from the German Ministry of Health argued that the government is very closely involved in ensuring that the anti-virus vaccine is developed in Germany and Europe, so the ministry is in intensive dialogue with CureVac.

The company denied the claims

In the statement made by CureVac, “claims to purchase” was rejected.

“The CureVac focuses on the development of an mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine to protect people around the world. We refrain from commenting on speculations and reject claims about our offerings to purchase our company or technology,” the statement said.

The company also has a laboratory in Boston, USA.

The company’s previous top manager was invited to the White House

CureVac had changed its chief executive (CEO) on March 11.

In a statement made on March 2, the company stated that previous top manager Daniel Menichella was invited to the White House to discuss developments related to the new type of coronavirus vaccine.

It was noted that Menichella met with US President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and related officials.


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