Last minute about the virus in Spain, China and the WHO, live


In any case, the Government headed by
Inigo Urkullu It has been analyzing how it would be possible to legally fit a postponement of the elections.

Therefore, it is likely that members of your team will also end up having the

This press conference will be held on a daily basis.

– 8744 cases, an increase of a thousand cases, compared to yesterday

– 3,215 hospitalized

– 410 in ICU

– 297 deceased

– 521 discharged

Chinese authorities have confirmed
in the last 24 hours 16 new cases of coronaviruses, of which the majority (twelve) correspond to people who would have contracted the
virus in other countries, including Spain.

According to sources of
Moncloa, the chief executive “is well” and is following the recommendations of experts and health authorities, after his wife, Begoña Gómez, tested positive for the disease.

Regarding the recognition of the toilets, Mena has said that “people are setting an example of dignity from their balconies, defending public health.”

In the same way, also the loading and unloading centers that have this type of facilities, should facilitate as far as possible their use to professional drivers who carry out operations in them.

This supposes the first death in this province and elevates
seven total cases in Andalusia, with four in Malaga and two in Jaén.

However, he has insisted on how urgent are the measures to contain the expansion of the
Covid-19 like the government is already making an announcement of the package of initiatives “to save jobs” because if it is left for tomorrow or the day after, it has warned, perhaps “precious time” will be lost to save jobs.

“We will see the military where necessary,” said the minister this Monday in statements to
Zero Wave, since the members of the Armed Forces – it has influenced – are “to help” and this is not “a political problem nor of competences”.

The impact of weather on coronavirus infection rates has not been confirmed, says Cao Wei, Deputy Director and Associate Chief Physician, Department of Infectious Diseases, Peking Union Medical University Hospital.

The measures that the Government has imposed are, in his opinion, very harsh but necessary; “We have to be strong, and know that in fifteen days we will not begin to see how the growth curve flattens.”

By Saturday, March 21, it recommends that licensed taxis ending in 0-2 take to the streets; for Sunday, March 22, at 1-3; for Saturday, March 28, at 5-7-9, and for Sunday, March 29, at 4-6-8.

In this sense, the professor of Molecular Biology has detailed in networks that the volunteers for the UCM laboratory of
Covid-19 diagnosis You can write with your experience in this work starting Tuesday, March 17, at the address ‘[email protected]’.

This has been indicated on social networks by the professor of Molecular Biology of the Complutense José Manuel Bautista to stress that it is “necessary” to know who is infected, who transmits it and who is cured. This teacher mentions in
Twitter specifically to the minister of
Health Salvador Illa.

“It is evident that we do not have a certain calendar. If we do not take especially harsh measures to stop the spread of the
virus and therefore the impact on health and life … would have no effect, “he said.

And that in the economic field what you have to do is help with liquidity measures for companies, many of which have had to lower the blind.

The meeting will be done through videoconference. This is the second such meeting after the one that was held last Tuesday at the Palau de la Generalitat.

In this sense, he has also explained that he has signed an order to establish the criteria and measures to be adopted within the scope of the National System of
Civil protection to deal with this situation.

For this reason, he insisted that you have to stay at home and that each individual go “to maximums” with the measures of

In statements to
Catalunya Ràdio, has insisted that the most feasible solution is
“stay at home” to stop this contagion, since it has also recognized that traceability is being lost. He also warned that total confinement may affect the arrival of goods.

– Only one person to make the purchase (not with the family, or with children or groups)

– That people who are part of the risk groups, such as the elderly and people with chronic diseases, do not make the purchase

– Space the purchase throughout the day and not at the opening time of the establishment

– Make the purchase with agility and speed, and pay preferably by card.

The railway company will have this new after-sales measure in place, “in principle”, until April 31.

– Crimes for disobedience to politics: imprisonment from 3 months to 1 year

– Removal of fences or police tapes: slight fine of € 100 to € 600

– Falsification of data upon identification: serious penalty of € 601 to € 30,000

– Lack of public health: € 60,000

On the 11th, a meeting of the
Autonomous Electoral Board To deal with this issue, in which no decision was taken and the president of this body, Juan Luis Ibarra, assured that it is not for the Board to decide on an eventual postponement of the Basque elections and pointed out that it is a matter in which there is a “gap in law” in the Spanish State.

Precisely, Sánchez was favorable this Saturday to
suspend elections in both the Basque Country and Galicia, scheduled for the same day, although it left the decision in the hands of its presidents.

As long as there isn’t
vaccineThis could be an option like the one used for malaria in travelers or in post-exposure treatments for people at high risk of becoming infected with

A drug for malaria and rheumatoid arthritis and a
antiviral of those used in front of the
HIV could be a brake to the contagions of
coronavirus. It is not intended to cure the disease in its most serious manifestation, but to stop contagion in a simple and affordable way.

– Intervention of the
Private sanity appealing to the alarm state.

– requisition of
specific sanitary material to companies and individuals, who must notify the ministry within 48 hours.

7753 cases

288 deceased

382 people in the ICU

517 discharges

Second day of
alarm status in all the country. The
armed forces Today they will travel to all cities to ensure that the
restrictions marked by the Ministry of the Interior.

The number of
deaths and infected continues to rise. The latest data offered by the Ministry of Health: 7,753 affected and almost 300 deceased.


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