Lukashenko urges Covid-19 not to panic but “just work” – News


The epidemiological situation in Belarus is even better than in “ordinary, unproblematic” years, and is favored by the cold, sunny weather, the president explained in a televised meeting.

The leader also pointed to one another’s positive trend in the coronavirus pandemic.

“At least it taught us to keep track of ourselves – those who don’t know it. Wash your hands in time. It is also very useful,” Lukashenko stressed.

The Belarusian leader urged not to panic but to “just work”.

“Especially in the countryside now. It’s nice to watch TV – people are working on tractors. The tractor will cure everything. The fields will cure everyone,” the leader said.

Commenting on Russia’s recent decision to close the border with Belarus, Lukashenko said that “all Russia is bumping into the coronavirus”, but is closing the border with Belarus.

The move will have negative consequences that Moscow has not thought about, the leader warned.

Belarus has a population of nine million and has reported 36 cases of coronavirus.


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