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March 16, 2020: Andreas Meyer urges rail customers to avoid public transport
The head of the SBB, Andreas Meyer, urges the population to avoid public transport and to use other means of transport.

I would never have believed that I should ask customers to avoid public transport. Be considerate of customers and employees in public transport – avoid heavily loaded trains, use other means of transport (including bicycles). And use digital tools wherever possible! bx! ????????????

– Andreas Meyer (@AndreasMeyer) March 15, 2020

March 16, 2020: Swiss retailers advise against buying hamsters.
The retailers in Switzerland do not recommend buying hamsters. You would have the situation under control

#COVID ー 19th #detail trade $ Manor #Hamster purchases

– MANOR (@manor_official) March 15, 2020

March 16, 2020: Migros closes its fitness centers
Migros fitness centers throughout Switzerland will be closed from today until April 30th. The Migros fitness facilities in Graubünden, Ticino, Vaud and Valais as well as Bernaqua and Säntispark and all fitness facilities of the Migros Basel cooperative are already closed.
March 15, 2020: The Zurich City Council will not meet next week either
After the Zurich Cantonal Council and the Schaffhausen Cantonal Council, the Zurich City Council has also canceled its meeting in the coming week. Both councils should have met at the Oerlikon trade fair. However, due to the aggravated situation, the Zurich Health Directorate withdrew the approval for the meetings.
March 15, 2020: Schaffhausen Cantonal Council canceled its meeting
After the Zurich Cantonal Council, the Schaffhausen Cantonal Council has now decided to cancel its meeting tomorrow. More detailed information should follow tomorrow.
March 15, 2020: Neuchâtel declares an emergency
The canton of Neuchâtel declared a state of emergency on Sunday evening in view of the spread of the corona virus. After Ticino, Basel-Land and the Jura, Neuchâtel is the fourth canton to make such a decision. It comes into effect on Sunday midnight.
From then on, all shops will remain closed, with the exception of those for food, animal feed, pharmacies, kiosks, petrol station shops and banks, as the canton said on Sunday. Restaurants are allowed to open until 2 p.m. Monday.
March 15, 2020: Zurich Cantonal Council canceled due to Corona virus
The meeting of the Zurich Cantonal Council scheduled for Monday morning is canceled. The Directorate of Health has withdrawn the Parliament’s approval for the meeting, the directorate tweeted on Sunday.
Last week the cantonal council decided to move its meeting from the narrow town hall on Limmatquai to a trade fair hall due to the risk of corona. The “social distancing” could have been observed there.
In the meantime, however, the situation has worsened, so that the health directorate does not want the meeting to take place despite this security measure.
The Zurich City Council, which would have taken place in the same exhibition hall on Wednesday, has also been canceled, as the health department continued to tweet.
March 15, 2020: National and Council of States break off the spring session
The spring session of the federal councils is being canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Presidents of all political groups agreed on this on Sunday. President of the Council of States Hans Stöckli (SP / BE) confirmed information from the “Tages-Anzeiger” on request.
March 15, 2020: Canton of Jura closes its shops and restaurants
After Ticino and Basel-Land, the canton of Jura is also closing its shops and restaurants due to the coronavirus epidemic. The counters of the administration are closed in principle from Monday, said the canton on Sunday.
March 15, 2020: Germany closes borders due to corona virus
Because of the corona virus, Germany largely closes its borders with France, Austria and Switzerland from 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning. The German Press Agency learned this on Sunday from government circles, previously the «Bild newspaper» had reported this.
The partial border closure should apply from Monday morning at 8 a.m.
March 15, 2020: Government of the canton of Basel-Land proclaims emergency
The government of Basel-Landschaft announced the emergency situation on Sunday due to the corona virus. Restaurants, hotels, cinemas and sports centers will be closed. All public and private events with more than 50 people are prohibited from Monday at 6 a.m.
March 15, 2020: 800 new coronavirus cases in Switzerland
The number of coronavirus cases in Switzerland rose rapidly on Sunday. According to the latest information from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), there have already been 2,200 positive cases in Germany. That was around 800 additional cases within a day.
March 15, 2020: Horse race / Easter race 2020 in Fehraltorf canceled
The OK Easter race in Fehraltorf canceled the traditional horse races from April 5 and 13, 2020. A postponement to a later date this year is not possible, the organizers write in a message.
March 15, 2020: Another coronavirus death in Ticino
Another person died in Ticino as a result of an infection with the novel corona virus. As the management announced on Sunday, it is an elderly person. The victim balance increases to six in Ticino and 14 in Switzerland.
The victim belonged to the risk group. The Canton of Ticino reported two deaths, also older, on Saturday. He is the canton with the most victims so far.
March 15, 2020: Winterthur vegetable markets remain open despite the corona virus
The city police in Winterthur canceled all markets because of the corona virus. This applies to both annual and flea markets. Only the vegetable markets in the city are not affected by the new rule.
March 15, 2020: Swiss demands help from the state
Swiss boss Thomas Klühr hopes that the corona crisis will have a drastic impact on airlines. Hardly any airline will survive the corona crisis without state aid, said Kluehr in “SonntagsBlick”. If the situation worsens, Swiss will have to leave all planes on the ground and will then be dependent on state aid.
March 14, 2020: Young politicians call on their generation to act
16 national and state councils under the age of 35 turn to their generation with an urgent appeal: They call on them to show solidarity with the older generation and to declare war on the corona virus together. The appeal, which was signed by politicians from all political groups, says, among other things: “To put it very clearly: refusing to refrain from social distancing is not a sign of courage, but stupid.”
March 14, 2020: Ticino closes all restaurants, bars and shops from midnight
The canton of Ticino closes all restaurants, bars and shops from Saturday midnight. Groceries and pharmacies are excluded. The Ticino State Council announced in Bellinzona.
March 14, 2020: Compulsory schooling in the canton of Thurgau remains despite the corona virus
Despite the school closings ordered by the Federal Council, the Department of Education in Thurgau emphasizes that compulsory schooling will remain in two weeks until the beginning of the regular spring break. The schoolchildren did not simply have no school-free time during the lesson, but would continue learning in distance learning, emphasizes the Thurgau educational director Monika Knill. The schools are currently developing the corresponding models – digital teaching materials are under discussion.
March 14, 2020: Army suspends recruitment across Switzerland
In view of the spread of the corona virus, the Swiss army has decided not to recruit until further notice. At the beginning of next week alone, around 500 young people would have had to start recruiting.
March 14, 2020: Walter Zoo in Gossau is closed until further notice, Knies Children’s Zoo postpones the start of the season
The Walter Zoo in Gossau St.Gallen is closing due to the corona virus. This is the consequence of the new measures by the canton of St.Gallen and the federal government. Knies Children’s Zoo also postpones the start of the season because of the corona virus.
March 14, 2020: St.Gallen ensures childcare
The canton of St.Gallen ensures childcare despite the schools being closed. Visits to hospitals and care homes are restricted to protect risk groups. Instead of citizens’ meetings, urns are to take place in the municipalities.
March 14, 2020: 180 new coronavirus cases in Switzerland
In Switzerland, the number of people infected with the corona virus has continued to increase. On Saturday morning there were 1189 confirmed cases, as reported by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). That was 180 people more than the previous day.
A total of 1,359 people tested positive, four of them in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In 170 cases, the first positive result was available, and confirmation was still pending.
So far, there have been reports of sick people from all cantons except Appenzell Innerrhoden. According to the latest figures, 52 percent of the cases are men, 48 percent were women. So far, a total of 13 people have died from Covid-19 disease.
March 14, 2020: Innerrhoden reports first coronavirus cases
Now the canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden has its first coronavirus cases. A 59-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman are affected, according to the canton’s health and social department on Saturday. The close contacts would be identified.
The two infected showed flu symptoms. They are doing well according to the circumstances. Hospitalization is not necessary. The two people would have to stay at home for ten days and avoid contact with other people if possible. After the symptoms subsided, they would have to stay at home for another 48 hours: they would have received behavioral instructors.
March 14, 2020: Criminals use corona crisis to attempt fraud
Unknown sent fake emails to infect computers with pollutant software, as the federal government’s Reporting and Analysis Center for Information Assurance (Melani) warns. The criminals therefore sent e-mails that claim to come from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) and provide information about current figures on the spread of the corona virus in Switzerland.
The reporting office urges the population to ignore such emails, not open any attachments and never click on links.
March 14, 2020: From Monday, the army in Ticino will help fight the corona virus
The Swiss Army is deployed on Monday for the first time in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Army chief Thomas Süssli announced on Saturday night on Twitter. Hospital Battalion 5 will be deployed on Monday for a special coronavirus service, Süssli wrote. The main tasks of the battalion include the «personal and material support of civilian hospitals in an exceptional situation». The army also made material available to the hospitals in Bellinzona and Lugano – for example, breathing aid and monitor systems and treatment containers. The duration of the detachment has not yet been determined.
March 14, 2020: Catholic services in western Switzerland only on Youtube
Catholics in western Switzerland have to switch to YouTube by the end of April if they want to follow a mass. The diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Freiburg announced on Friday. From now until April 30, it prohibited the celebration of all public services in diocesan territory. The trade fairs are celebrated in camera.
March 14, 2020: The city of Bern closes all sports facilities
In the city of Bern, all sports facilities and indoor pools will be closed from Saturday and until at least April 4. The city government decided that. As of now, the municipal clubs would no longer have access to the sports facilities, the municipal council wrote in a message. Gyms are also affected by the closure. The day care centers, however, remain open until further notice.
March 13, 2020: ZSG stops shipping
The Zürichsee Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft (ZSG) ceases practically all of its operations due to the corona virus. From Saturday until April 26th there are no more course ships. Only the Thalwil-Erlenbach-Küsnacht and Wädenswil-Männedorf-Stäfa shuttle services continue to operate on schedule, the shipping company said. The planned start of the summer season in early April will also be postponed.
March 13, 2020: City of Zurich orders home office for employees
From the beginning of next week, the Zurich city council will send a large proportion of the employees of the Zurich city administration to the home office because of the corona virus. The order affects all employees who can move their work home and is valid until April 10. The services of the city are maintained as far as possible.
March 13, 2020: Federal government warns of fake news
The federal government warns of fake news that circulates on social media. The false reports claim that the state of emergency will be declared on Saturday and call for hamster purchases. According to the federal government, this is irresponsible and he calls for responsible action.

#CoronaInfoCH ATTENTION FAKE NEWS Circulated on social media incorrect information via WhatsApp. NO EMERGENCY is declared tomorrow. The message encourages hamster purchases. This is irresponsible and should be avoided. Official information:

– André Simonazzi (@BR_speaker) March 13, 2020

March 13, 2020: 48 new Corona cases in one day in Zurich
Zurich – In the Canton of Zurich, 140 people had been tested positive for an infection with the Corona virus by Friday evening, as the health department writes on its website. That is 48 more than the day before. 14 of the infected are in the hospital. In four cases, the course is critical. In the meantime, eleven people have survived the infection well and are healthy again.
March 13, 2020: Swiss requests short-time work for flying personnel
The effects of the corona crisis hit aviation, and thus also Swiss, particularly hard. The airline takes measures to ensure liquidity. Short-time working is requested for the flying personnel.
March 13, 2020: Two more corona deaths
Switzerland has two other corona deaths. In the cantons of Geneva and Valais, one person has succumbed to the virus. this increases the number of deaths in Switzerland to eleven.
March 13, 2020: VPOD demands measures for working parents when school closes
From the perspective of the Swiss Association of Public Service Personnel (VPOD), the planned school closures due to the corona virus create a massive problem for working parents. He demands that wages be paid for childcare when absent.
March 13, 2020: Zurich Zoo closes on Saturday
Zurich Zoo closes on Saturday due to the corona virus. The zoo is closed for at least six weeks, it is said on request. The zoo is constantly evaluating the situation in exchange with the authorities, as the Zurich Zoo announced on Friday evening. The supply of the animals is guaranteed at all times. The last time the Zurich Zoo had to be closed in 1949 because of foot-and-mouth disease, it is said.
March 13, 2020: Ban on events also affects the Innerrhoder Landsgemeinde
The tightened ban on events issued by the Federal Council also affects the Appenzell Innerrhoder Landsgemeinde of April 26. So far, the registry office (government) has not yet made a decision. Clarity is expected next Tuesday.
March 13, 2020: Football season will be suspended until the end of April
The Swiss Football League will suspend play in the Super League and Challenge League until April 30, 2020. However, it is still a clear goal to finish the season by summer. This will be announced by the Swiss Football Association on Friday.
March 13, 2020: The handball season is also canceled
After the ice hockey championship had to be ended, the handball season is now falling victim to the corona virus.
March 13, 2020: Ticino government announces measures for private sector
The Ticino government has announced special measures for the private sector. She wants to present this at a media conference on Saturday. The aim is that the economy in the canton of Ticino can ensure the basic supply for the population. The Ticino government declared the state of emergency on Wednesday evening. This is valid until March 29th.
March 13, 2020: OFFA and Sechseläuten canceled
Some major events fall victim to the ban on events. The OFFA in St.Gallen and Zurich’s Sechseläuten have been canceled.
March 13, 2020: Two more coronavirus deaths in the canton of Vaud
Two other deaths as a result of the corona virus have been recorded in the canton of Vaud. Canton doctor Karim Boubaker did not provide any further details on the two cases for the time being. The two people died in the Chuv University Hospital on Friday night.
The number of people who died as a result of the coronavirus in Switzerland thus increased to nine. Three infected people died in the cantons of Vaud and Ticino, two in Basel-Land and one person in the canton of Basel-Stadt.
March 13, 2020: SBB cancels tourist traffic
The basic offer in public transport should be maintained. The tourist traffic, extra trips and group trips are canceled. This is announced by the SBB on Friday.
March 13, 2020: Federal Council decides drastic measures
The Federal Council decided on new measures against the corona virus on Friday. Public life is restricted.
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