LIVEBLOG CORONAVIRUS: Belgians now also have to stay inside, billions of euros support for companies


The most important facts:

  • Brabant now has 634 registered corona patients (+80). The whole of the Netherlands now officially has 1705 corona patients, an increase of 292.
  • In recent days, dozens of people with the coronavirus have been admitted to hospitals in Brabant. This after the number of shots decreased for a short time.
  • The Regional Consultation Acute Care (ROAZ) spoke on Monday of twenty corona deaths in Brabant.

The live blog closes for today. From Wednesday morning we will keep you informed in new live blog of the latest developments regarding the corona virus.

Of the Dutch patients with the coronavirus, 139 are in intensive care on Tuesday. A day earlier, according to Dutch IC doctors, it still concerned 96 patients. There are concerns about whether there are enough beds in the intensive care unit for the growing number of corona patients who are in bad shape.

Brabant clapped at eight for the healthcare workers en it looked like this.

Tilburg University professor Ton Wilthagen also ‘expanded the world’, thereby supporting the care workers.

A tribute to our care heroes has been projected on the provincial house in Den Bosch.

Retail chain de Bijenkorf closes immediately the doors of all its stores because of the new corona virus. At present, the retail company can no longer sufficiently guarantee the safety and health of customers and employees. De Bijenkorf also has a shop in Eindhoven. De Bijenkorf also has a distribution center in Tilburg.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all holiday trips abroad until April 6. According to the new advice, Dutch people must still travel outside the borders if it is strictly necessary. Travel organizations such as ANWB. Sunweb, TUI and Sunweb have already announced that they are following the advice.

Belgium will establish a ‘lockdown’ from Wednesday to 5 April that will restrict people’s freedom of movement to stem the spread of the corona virus. Belgians are only allowed to visit supermarkets, pharmacies and banks or go outside for emergencies. Prime Minister Mark Rutte reports that the Netherlands will not introduce a ‘lockdown’.

The Brabant Intensive Care units are struggling. A number of patients have therefore recently been transferred to other ICs above the rivers. That indicates how serious the situation is. That reports the NOS.

Travelers from outside the EU are temporarily no longer allowed in the Netherlands and the 25 other countries in the Schengen zone, unless their trip is essential. This was decided by EU leaders after a video conference on the fight against coronavirus. The entry ban does not apply to EU citizens and their families, people with a residence permit, medical staff, truck drivers, diplomats, certain researchers and border workers.

Royal couple cancels all planned working visits until March 21. Together with their three daughters, they will limit their social contacts in the coming days because of the corona virus.

The trains will run via a special basic timetable from next Saturday. A train leaves in both directions twice an hour at all stations throughout the Netherlands. In this way, doctors and nurses and all other Dutch people in crucial professions can continue to go to work.

Cyclist Boy van Poppel is not easily bored, even if cycling is virtually stopped due to the corona virus. Paint, mow the grass and clean up. Boy will get through his days. In addition to all the household matters, he also gets on the bike for a training to be ready when the cycling spectacle starts again.

The exams for MBO students also take place during the corona crisis as much as possible, but many internships have to be made up later. This may mean that the student is delayed in studying.

Eindhoven Airport transports half fewer passengers than usual due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The airport is preparing for a further decrease in the number of passengers. The airport, together with Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport, has announced this in a joint statement.

Bente Lavrijsen was born on Friday March 13 in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch. Of course friends and acquaintances are curious about the new inhabitant of Den Dungen. Bente and her parents therefore receive a lot of ‘window visits’. Father Rene Lavrijsen and mother Sanne Heijnens stay with their sprout in their own mini quarantine.

Drinking water companies will no longer cut people off from drinking water. This applies as long as social abstinence due to the coronovirus is in effect.

The Provincial Council meeting will not take place on Friday due to the corona crisis.

IKEA will close its branches in Breda and Eindhoven from tomorrow.

DAF will stop truck production for the time being.

The government will help companies whose employees are at home through corona. The government will pay a maximum of 90 percent of that salary. The government wants to do its utmost to prevent people from losing their jobs or companies from being overturned by the virus. An unprecedented support package will be presented tonight, for which tens of billions are available.

Dutch consumers who bought extra from supermarkets because of the coronavirus have caused a substantial increase in turnover for those stores. According to research agency Nielsen, € 998 million was spent in supermarkets last week. Only in the 2017 Christmas week did Dutch consumers spend more in one week. Sales were a third higher than in the same week last year.

ABN Amro had to close several branches due to the coronavirus. This is the case in Etten-Leur, Oosterhout and Waalwijk, among others.

Defense is preparing to help the Dutch population in the fight against the corona virus. That says minister Ank Bijleveld (Defense). “Fortunately, the military deployment has not yet been necessary, but if necessary we will support where possible,” said the minister.

Staff of the Annenborch care center in Rosmalen give a heartwarming serenade from the balcony for the second day in a row. “Then I think of Brabant, because there is still a light on”.

As of today, it is possible for people from Breda with acute money problems to appeal to a specially designed measure that makes it possible to have money quickly in order to continue to be able to provide for their daily living: BroodNood. Go to and fill in the special form.

RIVM wants to gauge the health of 100,000 Dutch people every week. The institute is making an inventory of health complaints with the so-called Infection Radar, because it is currently not clear how the coronavirus spreads in the Netherlands.

The elderly organization KBO-PCOB wants the tax authorities to extend the deadline for filing income tax returns. According to the interest group, seniors are in a mess because they are often helped with the declaration by a family member or a volunteer. Due to the measures against the new coronavirus, they may no longer visit.

Orange associations should not hold large public meetings on King’s Day. That is the advice of the Royal Association of Orange Associations. Many organizations were already preparing, the advice now is to stop and cancel the parties.

According to consultative body ROAZ, which includes all hospitals in Brabant, 70 hospital admissions of corona patients were added to our province within 24 hours. This brings the total number of people in hospitals in Brabant due to the infectious disease to 200. Of these, 55 are in intensive care units. That is 20 more than Monday evening. The sharp increase is cause for serious concern to director Bart Berden of the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg.

Earlier in the day, we ran a live blog here:

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