Tech companies tackle fake coronavirus news together


“We help millions of people stay connected, fight fraudulent and misinformation about the virus, and prioritize reports from authorities.” The companies report this in their statement. Other companies are called upon to join the initiative.

Details of the joint approach are still missing. Sharing already discovered fake news is obvious. The American tech companies have independently started tackling fake news around the virus and marking reliable messages.

Mouth masks

For example, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sharpened the end of January all their approach to fake news. Also prohibits Facebook, for example, sells mouth masks on its digital marketplace.

The White House asked the tech companies last week help in fighting the virus.

Google sister company offers corona screening

Meanwhile, a sister company of Google has started a special site for coronascreening, which is now under limited testing in the state of California.

Microsoft has a Bing for its search engine worldwide overview made of all confirmed corona cases.


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