Bucharest, in Coronavirus Weather. Last Day of Almost Normal Life, Before Exceptional Measures were instituted


Alina Manolache,

In Bucharest, only the noise of the cars assures you further. Now it is more dangerous to travel by public transport, so people are still traveling, but they are by car.

Buses, on the other hand, are almost empty. On the subway, especially on the Pipera route, the wind whistled. It is a little more crowded when returning, to the neighborhoods, given the time, past 16.

The city is so beautiful, empty, but it’s sad, if you remember why it looks like this. Without the usual clutter, you have time to observe the flowering trees, the sun that is reflected in the water of Dâmboviţa, the pigeons lying on the caldera, the swarms that have found a fixed place in a bush at the intersection of Unirii, one of the most crowded in general.

You would forget that we were in the time of the coronavirus, if you did not see people with masks, some even with surgical gloves. Young and old alike, a sign that everyone has taken the danger seriously, regardless of age.

On the streets they go wide, or they sit on the banks, especially the old ones. They always circulate throughout the day and have not given up their habit.

See, everything
step, bicycle couriers carrying food to those who order the distance.
This business has every chance to blossom, especially now, after they have
closed all restaurants, bars and cafes. Besides, at noon,
the premises are almost empty, but this is not a sign, considering that
the world was coming out in the evening.

REPORTING Nadlac Customs: Many Romanians from Italy and France who arrived last night say they are fleeing a virus they do not believe

REPORTING Nadlac Customs: Many Romanians from Italy and France who arrived last night say they are fleeing a virus they do not believe

I talked to
people. Some say they are not very afraid. Especially the elderly.

– How do you feel about the city lately?
– Very quiet.
– This is better?
– In a way, yes, but on the other hand, it is no longer the typical joy.

– Are you afraid of this virus?
– I’m going to make the cashier, I have to take my gloves, I took chlorine to disinfect. I’m a little scared, but what to do, seal our houses ?! And the phone has germs and the keyboard, and when you put your hand on the door, what do we do ?! ”

Two young men stroll agal, at lunch, on the bank of Dâmboviţa. They work from home and have a break.

EXCLUSIVE | 7 new cases of coronavirus at


EXCLUSIVE | 7 new cases of coronavirus at “Gerota” discovered last night, one serious. In total, the former police chief reached 49 infected people: doctors, patients and relatives

Yes, it’s a little different. We were scared at first, until we got used to it and more information appeared in the press. We work from home, we go out, without going anywhere, only in stores, where we do our shopping. It’s not a tragic thing, we’re trying to stay positive.

Young people working from home:

You can still find strangers on the streets or in the cafes of Bucharest. A young lady tells us that she came from France, especially, to stay in Romania during this hectic period. He enjoys the sun and the fact that Romanians are more responsible.

I came from France, because now, in France, it’s much worse. I don’t want to go back there, because everybody goes out and nobody cares.

Tourist from France:

At a kiosk with
bus tickets, I saw a fully equipped lady. Mask and gloves
surgery. He tells me he has children and he has to protect them, especially since he is
having to go to work. Besides, he doesn’t trust those

“Let’s not get that virus. I don’t know who goes on the street, where to know if they have the virus or not. How do I know if I’m not contaminated ?! ”

On Calea Victoriei, a flirtatious old woman wearing an asrahan hat and a bright lipstick, stops to tell me that she was a medical doctor in Fundeni and that she is only a little scared:

A Romanian TIR driver transports medical supplies during the pandemic in Europe:

A Romanian TIR driver transports medical supplies during the pandemic in Europe: “For us, the borders are open”

I do not know how this microbe appeared, which until now was not. It’s the little scared world and I’m a little scared, but I’m moving on.

– Didn’t you restrict your outing or shopping schedule?
– No, God forbid! This is something so abnormal. This can happen anytime. I go when I have money and when I am free and I enjoy. ”

A young artist
he goes down the street with a mask in his hand. He confesses that he is rather afraid of why
it will follow from an economic perspective. He expects the worst. Says that
including artists will suffer, after shows and concerts
have been banned.

– How are you experiencing these moments, are you afraid?
– Fear not. More afraid of what will happen after all this, economically speaking. But about the virus, I understand that it is not so serious, especially in young people.

– Do you think the healthcare system will do it?
– I think so, because the measures have been taken earlier by us, that otherwise it would not cope, clearly.

– Do you trust the authorities?
– Yes, we can trust. They took it early and got scared, they scared people too. ”

At flowering and bakery the wind blows. A lady whose age you are not, 77, tells us that she no longer buys flowers, but food. “Run desperate people with nets, don’t burn flowers anymore. You don’t see any people on the street anymore. ” Even at the bakeries, it doesn’t get crowded, especially at the subways. “Last night I was with a man on the subway, this morning I was three. Who to buy anymore? ”, A lady with the mask ready and the spirit next to us says.

When returning to the neighborhoods, in front of the center, the atmosphere is a little more lively, a sign that people are returning home. And if you want to forget for a moment that it’s coronavirus time, you can’t. There are posters everywhere that warn you, tell you your symptoms or announce that various meetings have been postponed because of these difficult times.


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