Eurovision is canceled, not clear when


The Eurovision Song Contest, which would be held in Rotterdam in May, has been canceled due to the corona crisis. That was decided by the organization of European public broadcasters EBU.
The three organizing broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS say they understand the decision. “This decision was inevitable,” said NPO chairman Shula Rijxman. “Given the conditions currently affecting all of Europe as a result of the coronavirus and all the measures that governments must now take.”
Main producer Sietse Bakker understands that many people are disappointed. “Some perspective is appropriate, because at the same time, we also realize that this decision and its consequences are bleaching against the challenges faced by people affected, directly or indirectly, by the corona virus and the difficult but necessary measures.”
According to the EBU, the broadcasters and the municipality of Rotterdam, the most logical scenario for everyone is that the 65th Song Festival will still be held in Rotterdam at a different time. “We are extremely proud that Rotterdam is prepared to take on this role in 2021 as well.” However, the broadcasters warn that in “these extraordinary times” no guarantees can be given.
Lead producer Sietse Bakker is sad that the Eurovision Song Contest cannot take place this year, but also understands the decision:

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