Wedding Princess Beatrice on the back burner because of coronavirus


A good friend leaves to the British newspaper The Sun. know that the princess is very affected by the news. She had to postpone her engagement party last year because of the negative publicity around her father, after which the marriage always moved to a later date.

It is extra painful that she had received the blessing from her grandmother to have her wedding reception in the palace garden of Buckingham Palace. Special, because the last time this was allowed was in 2011 when Prince William married Kate.

According to a Buckingham Palace spokesman, a solution is currently being sought. “They will take the advice of the government to heart when considering planning a wedding in a small circle,” the statement said.

According to the spokesperson, 150 guests were invited to the wedding and twice as many to the reception. Queen Elizabeth, who is now tapping the 94, was also on the guest list. “It’s just too risky (…) The couple is very sad, but they realize there are other people out there who are suffering a lot more right now.”

Before Beatrice in project developer Edoardo hair Prince Charming she was with Dave Clark for ten years. The princess cut off the relationship with a broken heart because Dave just couldn’t come up with an engagement ring. It was especially painful that two months after the fracture, her Dave already had another woman on his arms and wanted to marry her.

There’s been a lot going on around Andrew, Beatrice’s father, lately. RTL Boulevard paid attention to the problems that haunt him.


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