152 new cases of COVID-19 infection in South Korea – Russian newspaper


The situation with the coronavirus COVID-19 in South Korea continues to develop in a positive scenario. Although the number of new cases per day exceeded 100 people, the number of people who recovered during this time was significantly greater. The country’s authorities are now worried about the possibility of starting a second wave of the virus, which people from foreign countries can provoke.

As the representative of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Korea (RK) stated today, 152 new cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded in the country per day. At the same time, a new mini-foci of infection arose in the same Daegu, where the main distribution center of the virus is located. The total number of infections in South Korea is now 8565.

But at the same time, the number of patients continues to decrease markedly, since the number of convalescing in recent days significantly outstrips the pace of new infections. So, another 407 people were declared healthy per day, bringing the total number of people who recovered to 1947. The number of carriers of the virus per day decreased by 262 people, reaching 6527 people.

Unfortunately, mortality continues to grow, albeit at a slow pace. Seven people died in a day, but then after a briefing it became known about two more dead. At noon on March 19, the death toll amounted to 93 people, and the mortality rate was 1.07 percent.

In parallel with the fight against coronavirus inside the country, the authorities of South Korea have a new concern. Since the distribution center of COVID-19 has moved from Asia to Europe, the number of cases of importation of infections by those arriving from other countries, both by the Koreans themselves and third-country nationals, has become more frequent. Over the past five days, 16 such cases have been identified. Doctors warn that this could lead to a second wave of infection in the country. In this regard, South Korea has already tightened the rules of entry into the country, obliging everyone to report on their health status for two weeks, as well as conducting temperature checks, but, as recognized, this is not enough to put a reliable barrier to the return of infection. In this regard, the Korean Government is currently discussing additional measures. It is possible that South Korea could eventually follow the example of a number of European countries, which were closed from the arrival of foreigners by introducing quarantine.


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