I decided to increase the penalties for false statements in connection with the coronavirus epidemic


Premier Ludovic Orban will release a press conference in the video conferencing system at 10.00 on Thursday. The statements will be transmitted live on the Government’s Facebook page and on the official YouTube channel.

Image of article Ludovic Orban: I decided to increase the penalties for false in statements related to the coronavirus epidemic

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban will deliver a press statement at 10:00

– I closed the government meeting at 3 in the morning, so I did not organize a breafing.

– I adopted a GD by which I supplemented the budget of the MS with 42 million for the support of the quarantine centers, through DSPs, I regulated methodological norms regarding the settlement of expenses.

– We supplemented the MIA budget by 100 million, in order to ensure the necessary purchases for the Police, Border Police, DSU and Gendarmerie.

– We provided capital for Unifarm, to be more efficient.

– We have taken some measures that we consider absolutely necessary in the situation we are in, in order to support the employees and the employers who are affected by the epidemic.

Among them are:

– Through the GEO we increase the guarantee ceiling for SMEs, in the first phase with 5 billion, we are ready to increase it with another 5 billion. We guarantee loans for investments and working capital. The interest is 100% subsidized, the guarantee works for 90% of credits. in the case of up to one million (…).

– We ensure VAT refund up to 9 billion to ensure capital flows.

– At the budget rectification we will ensure the increase of the budget allocated for the settlement of medical leave.

– Another very important measure is to ensure the payment of the technical unemployment of the employees from the budget of the Ministry, through ANOFM, through the unemployment budget. Many companies are directly affected and do not have the necessary income to ensure the payment of the employees and there is a risk that they will be sent to unemployment, laid off. We pay 75% of the gross salary, but not more than 75% of the average gross salary.

– We have two categories of employer: The first is the one directly affected by restrictive measures arranged by authorities (hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment). Employees will receive payment of 75%. The second category – companies that were not directly affected by restrictive measures, but by different consequences of the epidemic. In this case, the companies will have to submit a declaration on their own responsibility and the condition of granting them is to have reduced their income, turnover, by at least 25%.

– I made the decision to support the payment of the technical unemployment due to the context. If I supported the payment of the salary, we would have instituted the obligation of the employees to go to work, to get in touch with the others.

– I took an important step in the Criminal Code – I decided to increase the penalties for false statements in connection with the Coronavirus epidemic.

– I increased the penalties for those who do not comply with the quarantine, the measures imposed by the authorities – they will be prepared a criminal case.

– Last but not least, a new crime is introduced – the failure to provide data. If in the course of an investigation someone does not give data trying to protect one or the other is considered as omission. And in this situation, a criminal case can be set up.

– Most Romanians respect the law, which is why I decided to tighten the penalties, in order to protect them.

– I ask companies to take measures to protect employees.

– From the beginning I followed each evolution and took gradual measures. We maintain mobilization and are ready to take any measures to protect the health of citizens.

– I found the DSPs in clinical death. I have arranged for the employment of staff, either residents or doctors from the school network. We have grown and we are increasing the number of epidemiologists.

– I asked the MAI to take measures, if necessary including through mobile teams of gendarmes to move and check how the isolation at home is. Take all necessary measures, including drastic measures.

– Hospital preparation is another major objective.

– We have signed contracts, products have started to come – we are slowly taking over Romanian manufacturing companies, products that are very demanding. We use the shortage that existed for certain products to develop production capacities in Romania and we support the companies.

– I end by urging you to calm down again, I ask you to inform yourself only of what the authorities convey. The abundance of fake news creates an unsuitable status. Do not allow yourself to prey on the information that is clearly intended to be malicious and serve no purpose other than to induce panic. We will take action when we identify such sources.

– The Government is in constant collaboration with the President of Romania and we make the best decisions.

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