The Trump administration is preparing for a six-year COVID-19 pandemic


The Trump administration is preparing for a six-year COVID-19 pandemic

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Trump is preparing for the 18-month coronavirus pandemic

Trump is considering the possibility that a coronavirus pandemic could be delayed and have several waves of morbidity.

In the US, the administration of President Donald Trump is working on a plan in case the pandemic of a coronavirus is delayed for 18 months or longer. About this reports CNN on Thursday, March 19th.

“CNN’s federal 100-page Coronavirus Pandemic Plan shows that the Trump administration is developing options for a pandemic that can last 18 months or longer, including several waves of morbidity,” the paper said.

The document does not say directly that the administration estimates that the pandemic will last 18 months, but it does lay out plans that provide for an even longer outbreak of the epidemic to ensure public authorities are prepared.

It is also difficult to predict how serious the outbreaks will be. The risks associated with a lack of medical equipment are mentioned several times, which may adversely affect the ability of public authorities to perform their functions.

“There may be a shortage of health care products, emergency services and other critical infrastructure elements. This includes a potentially critical shortage of diagnostics, medical supplies (PPE, medicines, etc.). .) and medical staff in some places, “the report said the possible negative effects of the coronavirus.


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