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March 20, 6:49 pm

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The infected man is hospitalized

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi stated that the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus infection was recorded in the city.

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He reported this on Facebook.

«We have the first confirmed case of COVID-19 coronavirus in Lviv (inhabitant of Lviv, 1950 He returned from Germany on March 13), ”the mayor wrote.

According to him, the relevant information came from the chief doctor of the infectious hospital.

«Two private laboratories in Lviv and Kyiv confirmed the positive result. The materials were sent to the Public Health Center of Ukraine, ”he wrote.

According to Sadovy, the man is hospitalized in an infectious hospital.

As Garden stated lame, a dentist became infected.

«This is such an instructive case because he himself is a dentist, having come from Germany, he decided to take the analysis to one of the private clinics, ”he said.

According to Sadovy, the man was quarantined at home with no one to communicate with.

«He was quarantined at home and had no contact with anyone. It shows a high level of consciousness of the person, even in the hospital he came with his own car so that no one can contact, ”the mayor said.

Recall that in Ukraine there were 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Three people have died.

A national quarantine was introduced in Ukraine by April 3. A number of cities have closed all public places except pharmacies, shops and gas stations.


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