Laboratory center did not confirm coronavirus in two Zhytomyr residents and spouses from Brusilov


Suspected coronavirus infection in two patients from Zhytomyr was not confirmed. COVID-19 was also not found in a couple from Brusilov, who was in contact with a dead woman suffering from this infection. Also, the suspicion regarding two patients from Andrushevsky district was not confirmed.

About 8:30 pm The Zhytomyr Regional Laboratory Center reported on March 20.

“We inform you that according to the results of virological studies of the regional laboratory center, PCR method, suspicion of COVID-19 in 2 patients from Anrushevsky district, 2 patients from Brusylivsky district and 2 from Zhytomyr was NOT REPORTED!”, – the message says.

We will remind, according to the mayor Sergey Sukhomlin, on March 20 in Zhytomyr two more patients appeared, in whom the coronavirus was suspected. One older man returned from Germany, the other, a young man, came from Egypt.

As reported by, on March 19 at 13.00 in the RSA held a daily briefing, which said that the hospital Korostyshev hospitalized spouses from Brusilov, who on March 8 contacted the deceased woman from Radomyshl, who was diagnosed with coronavirus. It was stated that the husband and wife were feeling ill, but treated independently until they got worse, including difficulty breathing.

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