Coronavirus in Ukraine – a priest in Zalishchyky rules in the church for the sick


A priest with a coronavirus from under Ternopol could infect hundreds of people
Near Ternopol the priest became infected with a coronavirus (photo: RBC-Ukraine)

Shocking data surfaced about a priest from Zalishchyky who picked up a coronavirus

Coronavirus 2020 in the Ternopil region was picked up by a priest. As you know, the 57-year-old resident of Zaleshchikov is now in isolation. Doctors evaluate his condition as moderate, he is given symptomatic treatment.

Law enforcement officers are now contacting the clergyman. All of them will be recommended to go for self-isolation.

On the network, residents of Zaleshchikov write that Father Oleg was infected with the coronavirus (we do not disclose the name of the church and the patriarchy to which it belongs) for ethical reasons).

“On Sunday I was in the service. And all the grandmothers … are now at risk. Stay healthy and live at home!” – wrote on Facebook a local resident Irina Ivanova.

The media also reports that the priest has a very large family. At the same time, residents of Zalishchyky are urging not to accuse church officials of spreading the coronavirus.

“Do not blame the priests! In the church, all the fathers read out a letter to all parishioners. The Holy Liturgy is broadcast both on the radio and online. So do not blame the priests: they conscientiously and daily carry out their sacred duty, and parishioners each personally and according to their condition “He decides to go to church or listen to his health through the media. Priests, like doctors, are at risk because they visit patients who are also sick with various serious illnesses,” wrote one city dweller.

We add that today in Zalishchyky volunteer associations are being created that will organize the sewing of masks for the hospital, raise funds for the purchase of fabrics for masks, to order protective suits and disinfectants and rapid tests for the detection of the virus.

We wrote what is known about coronavirus in Ukraine and the world on March 21.

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