Coronavirus in Ukraine – most Ukrainians get mildly ill – Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Health told how many Ukrainians will suffer a mild coronavirus
Photo: Victor Lyashko (RBC-Ukraine)

Ministry of Health does not exclude testing at home in patients

Most infected Ukrainian citizens will suffer coronavirus disease COVID-19 in light form. This was stated by the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko on the program “Freedom of Speech of Savik Shuster” on the channel “Ukraine”, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

According to Lyashko, if necessary, in Ukraine mobile groups of doctors will be strengthened to conduct tests for coronavirus at home in patients.

“80 percent of those who will be affected by coronavirus disease will have it in a mild form,” he said.

The only thing we should be afraid of is fear itself (F. Roosevelt)
The only thing we should be afraid of is fear itself (F. Roosevelt) what measures is the government taking to protect ordinary Ukrainians? How do officials plan to reduce the financial burden on citizens during a coronavirus outbreak? How do quarantine events affect entrepreneurs? Effective government actions to support Ukrainian business during a pandemic? What the country really breathes – in the Freedom of Speech of Savik Shuster on Friday at 21:00 Watch on TV channel Ukraine and on the Internet @shusteronline. Studio guests: IGOR UMANSKY, Minister of Finance of Ukraine; VIKTOR LYASHKO, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine; YULIA KOVALIV, Deputy Chairman of the Office of the President of Ukraine; EKATERINA ROZHKOVA, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine; VITALY KLITCHKO, Mayor of Kiev; ANDREY GARDEN, Mayor of Lviv; GENNADY TRUKHANOV, Mayor of Odessa; BORIS FILATOV, Mayor of the Dnieper; ALEXANDER DANILYUK, Minister of Finance of Ukraine (2016 – 2018), Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (May – October 2019); BORIS MARKOV, General Director of ATB chain stores; TOMASH FIALA, General Director of the investment company Dragon Capital; DMITRY FELIKSOV, Co-owner of Concertru; DMITRY FEDOTENKOV, Owner of the restaurant chain “Tarantino family”; SERGEY KRAVETS, General Director of Tickets.UA. They speak, but the people decide.
Posted by Schuster LIVE Friday March 20, 2020

Recall, earlier the Minister of Health Ilya Emets reported that in only 20% of cases, coronavirus leads to serious illness. In this case, resuscitation will require about 3% of patients with coronavirus patients. Yemets called on time to see doctors, diagnose coronavirus at the initial stage of the disease.

The Ministry of Health also warned that coronavirus is just beginning to spread throughout Ukraine. The ministry noted that the most difficult is ahead of Ukrainians, because doctors daily receive laboratory test results with new confirmed cases.


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