Coronavirus will restart Ukraine from scratch – Vlad Ross


Coronavirus Covid-19 will lose activity by the beginning of May and turn into ordinary flu. But he, as a warning to humanity, has already played a role in the future of the planet, including the fall of the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin. About this “Apostrophe” said astrologer Vlad Ross.

– I would like to hear your opinion on the development of the coronavirus Covid-19.

– The most dangerous spread of coronavirus is associated with Mercury in the constellation Pisces. Fish are bacilli, all kinds of infections, viruses. Mercury is a planet of air, and Pisces is a sign of water, because the virus can spread by airborne droplets. Therefore, all the cats in the world will continue exactly until April 12th. Ukraine, the most important thing during this time will not be infected, and that there would be no such big shocks as in Italy. But I don’t see that this will be so. Around Easter, the virus will no longer be aggressive.

There is an assumption that the most optimal air temperature for this for the virus is between + 5C and + 20C, and it is afraid of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the faster it gets warmer, the better for us. In northern countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, he does not rage, because there it is too cold for him. And in the southern countries it is very hot for him, there is an assumption that + 27C is a deadly temperature for him. Therefore, in the next 2-3 weeks the aggression of the virus will be nullified, and it can go into normal flu.

– How dangerous is the virus for Ukraine?

– The virus that came to Ukraine is generally insignificant. The second half of April and the beginning of May will be the most favorable time so that it does not spread at all. In the future, the passage of Mercury to Aries will take place, and Aries is a fiery sign, it burns everything, because the virus will generally disappear from our territory.

– How will the Covid-19 change the picture of the world?

– My forecast before the New Year was unequivocal: in 2020 the whole world will change. There is information that this year the asteroid will fall, and it will change us even more than the coronavirus.

It is no coincidence that before the coronavirus epidemic, Greta Tunberg appeared, who, like a witch, was a harbinger of a global catastrophe. She said that people should stop chasing money, more concerned about the ecosystem. For example, against the background of the coronavirus in Venice, the channels became transparent, and no air pollution over China is visible from space. Therefore, a pandemic is like a warning to us from above. Yes, indeed, the world is changing. And the entry of the royal – the largest planets – Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius, indeed, is changing our world.

– Will coronavirus affect the situation in Russia?

– Before the New Year, I had predicted a collapse of the economy since March – and it happened. This situation is directly related to coronavirus, because oil prices have fallen because of it.

The same thing will happen to Russia as in the era of perestroika, when Mikhail Gorbachev was in power. We are now witnessing the last year of Vladimir Putin’s reign. This year will be the last for United Russia. I see a big revolution in 2021. In 2022, Putin may have passed away altogether.

– And what planet is patronizing Ukraine? What are we waiting for?

– Venus rules Taurus – Ukraine is connected precisely with this sign. Through it passes Uranus – the planet of great change and transformation. It contributes to the reforms that should take place within seven years after the election of Vladimir Zelensky. I was sure that he would win, if only for the reason that Uranus controls the constellation of Aquarius (Vladimir Zelensky, the Apostrophe, was born under this sign). And Uranus will be in Taurus all seven years, because we are waiting for seven years of reforms, the overthrow of old politicians, the advent of new ones and the complete transformation of our entire country — the destruction of corruption and all our CPSU schemes, rotten socialism and communism that were in our country. It will be a reboot of our country from scratch.


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