Some store visitors do not follow the distance due to Covid-19 – in Latvia – News


According to the LETA agency, on Saturday in some Riga stores “Depo”, “Rimi” and “Maxima” about half of the people tried to keep a safe distance, do not miss and stay too close to each other, but there were many shoppers who did not pushing present to other buyers.

In shops, many black-and-yellow tapes are glued to the floor at shelves, two meters apart, to make it easier for customers to keep a safe distance.

Both Krasta Street Depo and Mols Rimi employees warned a number of people who were not respecting the required two meters from other shoppers. A depot employee at a man who refused to step further from another queuing shop at a color mixing stand even threatened to call the security or police.

Both Depo, Rimi and Maxima stores have loudspeakers calling customers to follow safety precautions while shopping and not to stay in the showroom for too long. Visitors were also encouraged to disinfect their hands and use disposable gloves where available when shopping.

According to reports, Deputy Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy Edmunds Valantis has been obliged to observe a distance of two meters from all trading places since Friday. Today, the order was signed by Sandis Girgen, Minister for the Interior, KPV LV.

According to Valanta, the said order obliges Latvian merchants to provide additional security measures at the points of sale, including ensuring the social distance of shoppers within two meters.


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