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Residential care centers are increasingly in need of material as a result of the new corona virus, says Margot Cloet, managing director of Zorgnet-Icuro, the umbrella organization of care institutions in Flanders, on Monday. In recent days there was already a lot to do around the mouth masks, but now there are also shortages of things such as gloves, aprons, protective clothing and glasses.

“They prepare everything in the residential care centers to provide the best care,” says Margot Cloet. “But if this continues, there is an urgent need for extra material. The residential care centers are not equipped like hospitals. They need extra equipment: gloves, protective clothing, aprons, glasses, equipment to insert new IVs. The nursing and care homes are prepared to organize the reception very well, but the government must do the necessary for that. ”

According to Margot Cloet, she received several signals last weekend that the residential care centers are “running out of materials”. “If we don’t organize those things now, healthcare providers will fail,” she says. There would already be a significant dropout due to illness at this time.

On Monday, a new shipment of mouth masks arrived in our country, the vast majority of which was purchased by Flanders. According to Zorgnet-Icuro, the intention is that they go to residential care centers, disabled facilities, family care and home nursing. It would still be unclear for the psychiatric hospitals whether supplies should come from the federal or Flemish level. A shipment of one hundred thousand FFP2 masks would be delivered to rehabilitation hospitals.

“Last Friday, the federal government already set up a division towards hospitals and general practitioners, among others. With these deliveries, the most urgent needs in the field of mouth masks for the coming weeks will be met, ”says a press release from Zorgnet-Icuro on Monday.

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