Drive-in thanks to the coronavirus!


The global disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is creating new insights into the way we live. Some come from the past.

By Yannis Skoufis

The news is not so much about the countries of Europe, especially those considering or applying the strict ban on traffic, but it is interesting.

So in the US Drive-ins, the cinemas that one visits in his car – in Greece were linked to certain genres and have disappeared, as in almost all of Europe – are once again glorified.

Of course, due to the coronavirus, the fear of Covid-19 contagion led Californians to enjoy their favorite movie isolated in their car. According to the Los Angeles Times, Paramount’s drive-in has doubled in recent days, with the same phenomenon being observed in various other US states, such as Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, etc.

However, this popularity of drive-ins will not last long, as several traffic restriction measures are already in place in the US.

To tell the story, the first drive-in appeared in 1933 in New Jersey, USA and was combined with the Americans’ love for the car! According to Smithonian magazine, car salesman Richard Hollingshead was looking for a way for his mother to watch cinema comfortably.

Drive-ins peaked in the 1950s. Today, there are only 305 such places in the US for the romantic of old.


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