Loss of smell and taste


According to French doctors, doctors in the United States warn that loss of smell, but also taste can be added to the list of symptoms of Covid-19, reports CNN.

Symptoms such as anosmia, that is, lack of smell, and aging, that is, the total disappearance of the sense of taste, are two symptoms that can be taken into account for the possible detection of infections with the new coronavirus, says the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

“In particular, anosmia was found in patients who were tested positive for coronavirus and had no other symptoms,” it said in a statement posted Sunday on the Academy’s website. The presence of these symptoms should make you very seriously consider self-isolation and testing of these people, it is the advice that doctors give.

And an organization of ENT doctors in the UK, but also doctors in France have concluded that the lack of odor could be a symptom of Covid-19, given that anemia is associated with some respiratory infections.

The lack of odor as a symptom of Covid-19 was found after several cases were analyzed in South Korea, China and Italy, where a significant number of patients with proven infections developed anemia.

And in Germany, statistically, in more than two out of three cases patients tested positive for the new coronavirus complained of lack of odor.

Initially, Covid-19 symptoms were thought to be respiratory only. It is true that fever and cough, respiratory failure are still the predominant symptoms. But, CNN recalls, a study in China of the first 200 patients showed that there were digestive symptoms in almost half of the patients. Therefore, you should be careful, because the symptoms that accompany Covid-19 are more and may be less obvious.

Editor: Luana Păvălucă


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