Love in the years of the coronavirus – Married to priest on balcony – Viral


28-year-old Reilly Jennings and 38-year-old Amanda Wheeler decided not to let the coronavirus stand in the way of their love. So on Friday morning, despite the adversity, they got married.

The ceremony was planned for authorities October, though – as Reilly admitted to NBC– they were afraid that with the current situation there would be cancellations.

When they learned that they could not even get married in the town hall, they both used all means to achieve their purpose.

Sending messages to friends and acquaintances, they sought to find someone with a certification to complete the mystery. So they found Wilson, who immediately accepted.

From … the fourth-floor window of his apartment building in a Manhattan neighborhood Wilson formalized the ceremony by reading an excerpt from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel “Love in the Cholera.”

The couple exchanged vows, with friends and relatives applauding, keeping the necessary distance. “It was great,” Jennings admitted. “Everything I love in New York was captured right now.”

As for honeymoon? Reilly and Amanda “burned” on Netflix.


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