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Demand for pornographic films and sex toys is booming during the coronavirus crisis.

Limited contact with the outside world during a pandemic of the new COVID-19 coronavirus may, on the contrary, result in even closer contact with a sexual partner. It is even more difficult for singles, whose sex life is not already rosy, is even harder.

The coronavirus is changing everything these days. Sexual relations – no exception. The first clear proof of this could be seen on Friday night in mid-March in Berlin: before entering the Insomnia Club, an establishment popular with swingers, fetishists and hedonists from around the world, you would not see the usual guard with a cigarette in your mouth. Not to mention the turn of those wishing to plunge into the world of sexual freedom. Instead, at the door, the announcement that the Berlin government has ordered the closure of all clubs. On the Insomnia website on the Internet, the club team is optimistic: “Stay healthy, take care of yourself and hopefully we’ll be able to have fun again in five weeks.” About it writes Deutsche Welle.

Difficult times for singles

But if the clubs were already closed, mid-March restaurants in Berlin were still working. In front of one such institution, young people are sitting enjoying the spring sun. One girl screamed out loud, laughing: “The coronavirus should have come this spring right now. For us, alone, the situation looks bad now.”

Shortly after, dance schools, restaurants and bars were forced to close in the city and across the country. That is, all places where singles often find love or lovers go left – a sexual adventure.

Author and sex therapist Wolfgang Krueger describes the situation briefly as follows: “In general, single people are not very much and without a coronavirus. A 60-year-old married woman has substantially more sex than a 30-year-old single. bad cards “.

To improve their own sex situation, millions of men and women are looking for a partner on dating sites. Did the population’s fear of the virus affect their work as well? Have you seen any changes, asked on one of the largest German dating sites Parship. Company PR manager Jan Bogac says he has not seen a significant decrease in the number of subscribers yet. Moreover, the online dating portals, she said, have even the advantage in the current situation: “All residents of Germany have now been called to reduce social contacts to a minimum. This, of course, limits the possibility of dating,” – she says. But online, instead, they say, you can still keep in touch with people you already know and even make new friends.

In the offline world, such opportunities are now very limited, she says. Whether everyone at the same time is satisfied with the friendship on the correspondence with the duration of the month, or are they still ready to take the risk of getting infected by a drip – the question is open.

Erotic commodity trade boom

That for one death is for the other good. And so it is: the demand for pornographic films and sex toys is booming during the coronavirus crisis. Sex shops are completely switching to online commerce, and most savvy ones even offer taxi delivery, helping the taxi drivers who are going through the coronavirus epidemic to earn a bit of a real crisis.

Money in winnings

For those who already have a couple, it is much easier in the current situation. You don’t have to look for a sexual partner first – he already is. Calm, working from home can even add some drive to a relationship. After all, besides sex, there are not many options for classes. Fitness clubs, movie theaters and theaters – it’s all closed. Even football has become a phenomenon from some other past world.

But all this may turn the other way around. This is exactly what happened to Rolf. For many years he lived with his wife only on weekends, because he worked in another city. At first, he was very pleased with the opportunity to work from home, they say, finally the opportunity to live together not only on weekends. But within a week they both broke into patience. Collaborative activities such as window washing resulted in a real marital quarrel. Rolf went to work in his “working” premises in Berlin:

“Forced intimacy is like a forced marriage. In such a situation, sex is not satisfying either.”

Wolfgang Kruger’s sex therapist is not surprised.

“The distance rule has been broken,” Kruger analyzes.

The partner, they say, is too close, and sometimes he is still constantly heard.

“But the erotic desire comes from the switch between distance and closeness,” says the sex therapist.

And so for couples who have mastered this game with distance and closeness, soon may give many bright moments, Kruger is convinced: “In difficult times, times of anxiety the need for sex increases. Sex is the best opportunity to get rid of fear.”

Baby boom in nine months?

If many people’s sex lives are experiencing a spike at the same time, it can have quite tangible consequences. Sexual therapist Kruger, at least, is now looking at nine months into the future and is convinced, “More children will be born.”

But from a scientific point of view, from the standpoint of statistics there is no evidence of this from the past. After all, this hypothesis has been repeatedly raised during major disruptions to light or natural disasters in the past. However, it has never been clearly confirmed.


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