Coronavirus pandemic in Spain: death rate higher than China – Worldwide


In Spain, another 738 people have died from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, with a total of 3,434, the government said. The Covid-19 pandemic in Spain now has a higher death toll than China.

In Italy, the death toll from Covid-19 is higher than in Spain. In China, where the Covid-19 pandemic began last December, the death toll from the new coronavirus has reached 3,281.

In Spain, Covid-19 testing on a larger scale led to a 20% increase in new infections and a 27% increase in deaths, according to Tuesday.

“We’re nearing a climax,” said Fernando Simon, Emergency Coordinator for the Ministry of Health.

Health officials are hopeful that it will soon be clear whether the strict quarantine regime introduced on March 14 is having the desired effect.

The region of Madrid has been hit hardest by the epidemic. There are 14,597 infections, which is almost a third of the country’s total, and 1,825 deaths – 53% of the country’s total deaths.

Hospitals are unable to cope with the large number of patients, and the Army has already built a field hospital at the spacious IFEMA Exhibition Center in Madrid. Currently there are 1500 beds, but the number of beds can be increased to 5500.

Madrid’s funeral companies are also overloaded and authorities have ordered a temporary morgue to be set up at the Palacio de Hielo.


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