In St. Petersburg, planned treatment due to coronavirus is prohibited



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In St. Petersburg, planned treatment is stopped and community-acquired pneumonia is put under control.

Office of Rospotrebnadzor published on Tuesday, March 24, the decision of the city’s chief medical officer on introducing new bans on hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, rest homes and other inpatient and outpatient medical facilities of all forms of ownership until April 30, 2020.

The resolution was adopted in connection with the “continuing global deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the world and the threat of the importation and spread of a new coronavirus infection.” It aims to reduce the risks of coronavirus.

In St. Petersburg, according to this document, a ban on planned hospitalization of patients is introduced, planned visits to clinics are terminated (in the document – a ban on “patients visiting outpatient medical facilities as planned”).

Emergency hospitalization will be carried out with a thorough history of the patient’s possible contacts with infected coronavirus or his stay abroad.

If it is suspected that he has an infection, the patient should be referred to an infectious diseases hospital.

Scheduled medical examination, scheduled examinations, vaccinations and referrals for spa treatment, with the exception of those who are sent for rehabilitation directly from the hospital, are stopped.

The ban is addressed to the chairman of the city committee on public health, the heads of administrations of the districts of St. Petersburg, the heads of inpatient and outpatient medical organizations of all forms of ownership, as well as the heads of sanatoriums and rest homes.

Clinics, according to the decree, are reoriented to help at home febrile patients with respiratory symptoms, as well as visiting the territory of the pandemic and pensioners. Outpatient services will be strengthened by medical staff if necessary.

A special record is introduced for cases of community-acquired pneumonia: monitoring of patients with such suspicions, the number of hospitalized and discharged patients, as well as the study of such patients for the presence of coronavirus.

In all cases of death of patients with community-acquired pneumonia or with suspicion of it, a 100% pathological study was ordered.

The document was signed the day before, on March 23, by the chief sanitary doctor of St. Petersburg, Natalya Bashketova.

Earlier on Tuesday, it became known that from Thursday they will close access to swimming pools, fitness centers and gyms, as well as ban food courts in shopping centers in connection with coronavirus. This was reported by the press service of Smolny.

In Moscow, authorities ordered swimming pools and fitness centers to be closed last weekend.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin at the Novo-Ogarevo residence near Moscow urged regional leaders to take more decisive measures to combat coronavirus. After their meeting, Putin paid a visit to a hospital in Kommunarka, where people infected with coronavirus were delivered, and in a protective suit walked through the hospital’s infectious unit.

According to official data, the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia per day increased from 438 to 495, the largest number of new infections (28) in Moscow. In second place St. Petersburg – five new cases. 19 Petersburgers with coronavirus are in the hospital of the Botkin hospital.


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