Live blog coronavirus: Jumbo is struggling online with ‘extreme crowds’, PostNL warns of delays


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The main points:

  • ‘Between 15,000 and 20,000 shops closed’
  • C&A in heavy weather
  • Jumbo is struggling online with ‘extreme crowds’
  • Advice to web shops: extend return period
  • Hornbach: image about crowds is incorrect
  • HEMA also pays bills later
  • PostNL warns of delays in parcel delivery
  • ING maps debit card transactions

13.45 ING shows where the money is going during the corona crisis
On the basis of daily debit card transactions in the Netherlands, ING Bank has mapped out where consumers’ money is currently going. Last Thursday, March 19, the number of debit card transactions was 21 percent lower compared to the same day a year earlier. On Friday 20 March, consumers mainly spent a lot in the supermarket, at toy stores and do-it-yourself shops. Biggest losers are the fashion industry and of course the catering industry.

13.25 No baskets at Lidl in Arnhem-South
The shopping rules for Lidl’s customers in Arnhem-South are not to be missed. You must shop there with a shopping cart and cannot use a basket.

13.15 Here you can see which shops are still open in Enschede
One retailer closes its doors while the other remains open. To keep an overview of the shops that are still open, Enschede has brought a local initiative to life: the Facebook page Winkeliers Enschede Open. A list on the page shows exactly which stores consumers can go to.

13.00 Huge bustle: supermarket closed for a while
Since yesterday, fewer people can enter the store at the same time: one customer per ten square meters. The Albert Heijn XL in Tilburg did not allow new customers for about an hour today due to ‘enormous crowds’.

12.40 Share Apple stores may reopen in April
Some of the Apple stores outside of China may reopen in April. This is evident from an internal memo from the management that is in the hands of Bloomberg news agency. Earlier, the American tech giant reopened its 42 stores in China, where the coronavirus outbreak appears to be somewhat on the decline.

12.10 Shopping cart also for the ‘big message’

11.45 Jumbo is struggling online with ‘extreme crowds’
Not for the first time, Jumbo cannot meet the demand for online ordering. The supermarket chain speaks of ‘enormous crowds’. The website states that temporarily no new orders can be placed. Adjusting an placed order is possible.

11.30 PostNL: delay in parcel delivery
Because much more is ordered online, PostNL warns that local delivery delays may occur. Mail delivery is currently still going according to plan, the company reports. Keeping distance and contactless delivery also means that the delivery takes longer. PostNL is also struggling with more patients.

11.15 High demand for freezers and bread makers
The installation industry also has many retailers, such as electronics stores and bathroom specialist shops. Jan van de Wouw, general director of United Retail, explains what is coming to retailers. Tip of the veil: there is a great demand for freezers and bread makers.

11.00 Employees supermarket ‘rotten scolded’
Employees of the Plus supermarket in Susteren were ‘scolded’ last night because they asked customers to grab a shopping cart. Owner Wiljan Linders reports this on Facebook. Across the country, the use of shopping carts has been mandatory since yesterday. According to Linders, the employees no longer dared to enter the store. He is devilish. “Are we completely out of the pot in 2020?”

10.30 There is much less pin
Due to the corona crisis, there is a lot less debit card payments, reports the ING Economic Bureau. Last Friday, the total number of transactions was 24 percent lower than on the same Friday a year earlier. The largest decrease was seen in the outdoor leisure category (83 percent less) and in clothing and shoe stores (72 percent less). In other places, debit card payments are more frequent. Ten percent more debit card payments were made in toy stores last Friday. In supermarkets five percent more, in DIY stores two percent more.

10.15 No extra for staff AH, Jumbo and
It is questionable whether staff from Albert Heijn, Jumbo and can count on an extra during these busy times. This is evident from a tour of RTL Z. American companies such as Walmart and Amazon previously announced that the hourly wages of employees are increased and that they receive a bonus. Jumbo bypasses the question and Albert Heijn cannot clarify it. At Ingram Micro, where warehouse workers are on the payroll, they say, “At the moment, we are not considering raising salaries.”

10.00 HEMA also pays bills later
Just like Action, Hunkemöller and WE Fashion, HEMA also pays its bills later. This is evident from a letter from CEO Tjeerd Jegen, which is in the hands of NRC. According to Jegen, the measure was decided because of a ‘drastically reduced capacity’ at the head office. Normally, the retail chain pays its suppliers after sixty days, an anonymous recipient of the letter to the newspaper says. HEMA no longer does this on the day that the account matures, but on the eighth day of the month. A spokesperson for HEMA reports that the extended payment term has been set in consultation with suppliers.

9.45 Unilever extends a helping hand
Unilever allocates 500 million euros to help customers and suppliers. The multinational says that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will pay as soon as possible. Small retailers that depend on Unilever also receive more credit. In addition, Unilever is investing 100 million in the fight against the corona pandemic by donating soap, hand gel and food, among other things.

9.20 Hornbach: image about crowds is incorrect
Busy in the hardware store? That is not so bad, says Hornbach in response to photos of full parking spaces and long lines. “I see those images too. But with an average area of ​​15,000 square meters, our hardware stores are larger than two football pitches,” says general director Evert de Goede. According to him, visitors can easily keep 1.5 meters away both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to, among other things, a strict door policy, everyone can shop safely, according to De Goede.

9.00 C&A in heavy weather
Clothing chain C&A is in severe weather due to the corona crisis. The company demands price adjustments from landlords of the stores in the Netherlands and Europe to keep their heads above water. This is evident from a letter that is in the hands of De Telegraaf. “The closure of all C&A stores in the Netherlands and in practically all other European countries, as a result of the corona pandemic, has an unprecedented impact on C&A,” the company said in a response to the newspaper. “The current situation has far-reaching consequences, not only for us, but for the entire sector. Like many other retailers, we are talking to the owners of the properties we have rented to possibly make an arrangement that will help us both through these difficult times. will help. “

8.40 Petition: no sale before July 1
Is on the internet started a petition calling for July 1 not to hold a sale. The initiators are independent fashion retailers, Dutch clothing brands and agencies. They note that the major (international) retail chains and brands have already started offering significant discounts online. They expect that these chains will start with high discounts in the shops when everything is back to normal to compensate for the loss suffered. “This is at the expense of the small, independent retailer who has to go along with this and therefore does not achieve the necessary turnover and margin to survive.” The petition was signed over 3,700 times around 8:30 am.

8.15 Advice to web shops: extend the return period
The interest group asks webshops to extend the return period to a minimum of thirty days. Because everyone has been asked to stay at home as much as possible, a package can be difficult within fourteen days. Jacking up the return period ensures, according to, rest for consumers and carriers

8.00 ‘Close between 15,000 and 20,000 shops’
Research agency Locatus estimates that 15,000 to 20,000 stores have closed their doors. A researcher bases this estimate on the basis of the number of closed shops on Slotlaan in Zeist, a shopping street with 102 active points of sale. Of these, 39 were closed and 18 had adjusted opening hours. 45 stores were open. Locatus expects more stores to close, due to health risks or insufficient turnover.

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