“Pano” and the race against time in hospitals and labs: “Not afraid of contracting coronavirus, but of falling out”


“We started looking for a vaccine in mid-January, when the Chinese teams put the code of the virus online. Two months later, we, and other teams elsewhere in the world, have actually already finished a prototype. ” The vaccine under development appears to produce antibodies against the virus. Now it only has to be demonstrated that those antibodies are also able to counter the production of the virus in the lungs.

We follow the successive stages in the report, with unique images. How healthy mice are first vaccinated, and how the virus is instilled in the test animals. But the research is not yet complete: first mice were used as test animals, meanwhile people have switched to hamsters. After instillation, they now appear to show a disease that resembles that of humans. “Progressive insight”, Professor Johan Neyts describes it. However, expectations are and remain high. “We are confident that it will work out with the knowledge we have built up over the years.”

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