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Experts from MUMC + in Maastricht are investigating how artificial intelligent can be used in the fight against the corona virus.
For example, we are working on a model that can predict whether a patient infected with the coronavirus will have to be put on a ventilator or not. MUMC + writes that data from previously admitted patients are used here
Data will be collected and analyzed in the coming weeks. This is done in close collaboration with all departments involved in the diagnosis and treatment of corona patients
Forecast model
“Based on the data from hundreds of patients, we hope to be able to develop a prediction model for the future ventilation needs of new COVID-19 patients in the short term,” says intensivist Marcel Ariës. “That way you could predict who will eventually need an Intensive Care bed,” said the intensive care doctor.
No extra pressure
MUMC + emphasizes that this research does not provide additional work for the medical specialists involved in the treatment of corona patients. “Administrative work and data analysis can, for example, be performed by physician assistants who currently do not have clinical tasks,” says neurosurgeon Pieter Kubben. “They have more than enough medical knowledge for this.”
Not only scientists from MUMC + are leading the research, together with specialists from Amsterdam UMC and VU University Amsterdam. In addition, all Dutch hospitals participate and the National Intensive Care Evaluation Foundation (NICE) is also involved.
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