Short-time working allowance restated (Corona virus measures)


Breaking news! According to the Law Proposal Amending Some Laws adopted in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, short-term applications for compelling reasons originating from a new type of Corona virus (Covid-19), valid until 30 June 2020, by adding to the Unemployment Insurance Law. for the worker to fulfill the conditions for entitlement to unemployment insurance, excluding the termination of the service contract, in order to qualify for the short-time work allowance, in the last three years from the ones who are subject to the service contract for the last 60 days before the start of the short work, the unemployment insurance premium has been paid in the last three years. It will be applied. Those who do not comply with this condition will continue to benefit from the short-time working allowance for the period remaining from the last unemployment benefit entitlement, in order not to exceed the short working period. In order to benefit from the short work practice, in the period when short work is applied at the workplace, the employer should not be removed by the employer. Applications will be finalized within 60 days from the date of application. The President will be authorized to extend the application date on this matter by 31 December 2020.

Compensation will be extended from two months to four months in order to minimize workers ‘wages and enterprises’ loss of workforce and to increase the ability of businesses to adapt to changing conditions and emergencies. The president will be authorized to increase this period twice.


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